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Remy Blue

~ Part Four

Remy Blue is instinctively a hunting dog. She loves to point, fetch and explore. She’s already chased a small bobcat out of our backyard and saved our suburban chickens. She’s fierce.

Now that we have grandmom recuperating from hip surgery and living with us, Remy Blue’s behavior has been quite gentle when around her. We count this as a true blessing and are amazed at her ability to discern when to be calm, relaxed in her mannerisms. 

Then again, Remy Blue’s toys are another issue altogether!

We’re having a wonderful time with Remy Blue being part of our family. In fact, off and on we’ve been discussing getting a “brother” for Remy Blue. After seeing the photo of the two Weims peering out the window, we’re convinced we should do it when Remy Blue turns 2 years old. 

Thank you for a wonderful being; Remy Blue is exceptional and quite a character. She’s never at a loss for expressing herself. She’s a love.

Breeder Comment

Dear Sayho–we look forward to working with you again when you become a Two Weim family. We appreciate this lovely detail (photo filled) update. I am sure our readers feel likewise. Thanks ever so much–have a lovely summer with Remy Blue.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday at 4 months

Cliff and babyMarch 17, 2014–

Ruby on May 2nd, 2014

Ruby with Martin on May 2nd, 2014

Our paperwork shows Ruby weighed 3.4 Lbs, whereas the largest pup in the litter weighed 5.8 Lbs. That is a sizable difference at that age–six weeks. Two weeks later, she weighed 8 Lbs, and one of her litter-mates weighed right at 12 Lbs. Sometimes the smallest pup in the litter remains smaller, whereas other times they do not. The photo of her tucked in Cliff’s jacket was taken on the day of our Discovery and Placement Test. She was so delicate, and tiny. She didn’t want to run the test.

Toni reports on Tuesday, June 6th, 2014–She weighs 26 lbs. started dog obedience last night with Jan.  She is such a gorgeous baby ! We both adore and love her so much!