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~Not Something you See Every Day

Here is our Dasher, our Weimaraner version for Snoopy on his doghouse!

He has grown into such handsome lad.

We are quarantined but also enjoying our boys antics. 

Hope you and Cliff are staying safe and sound. 

Dave &  Audrey 

Breeder Comment

What a guy–Dasher put a smile on my heart. Thank you for remembering us and sharing your sweet photo.

Trigger at Nine Months

 Our Silver Grey GhostIMG_4306

I hope you are doing great. My name is Hira if you remember I am Trigger’s (part) owner. Trigger is from Greta and Blue’s March litter. Today we were taking him out for a hunt and I decided to take some pictures before we go and wanted to send the best out of the batch to you. Hope you like it.

Here I am with Trigger a few months ago…L1000569