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First Snow


No Snow Here

Kaizer experienced his first snow this last week, he had to stop almost every 20 feet on walks to stop and take a bite of it.  it was very comical to watch him wipe out repeatedly when he would try to chase his ball outside.

Christmas With the Gray Ghost

Surprisingly he didn’t destroy the tree or eat any ornaments and only once did I catch him proudly walking around with one of the wrapped gifts in his mouth.  when it came time to open his little gift he attacked with such ferocity that all the camera could catch was a blur.  Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

                                                            -Pete and Kaiser — Idaho
“Looking Innocent and for the most part, I am.” “Woof!”

Breeder Comment

Isn’t it interesting he has his gift? You did well to capture a blurred photo. Thanks! There were several Facebook Posts where the Weimaraner got their present–didn’t touch the others. Then too–there were rumors of those who pilfered without preference at the tree. Some liking to unwrap the gifts more than anything. Others left the tree alone but not by choice.

We have not heard of any Weims eating Christmas Tree Limbs or goodies that sent them to the Emergency. For that, we are exceedingly glad. The fact the young Kaiser is doing so well speaks volumes about your work with him. Keep it up! We look forward to reading about his birding experience. Thanks for thinking of us!

One Year

Miller's LeoWith Our Leo

Good morning! We have now had Leo a whole year! He is a wild boy, loving and thinks he’s one of our kids! I thought you’d enjoy this silly photo of him I took yesterday, he was loving rolling around in these morning glory vines in the heat. We sure love this goofy baby!

Breeder Comment

You may or may not remember Leo’s previous posts. Here is a couple if you wish to look back.


And It Beginsminors-timber-_20170115_121244561_hdr

Thank you, Shela for the additional information. Your emails have been truly invaluable to us as we are raising a pup for the first time. Timber is settling in very well. She is sleeping in her crate at night and naps there during the day as well. We are all learning the importance of praising Timber’s good behaviors, and are already seeing that payoff, as Timber is already learning what is and isn’t okay to chew on, and that going potty outside results in lots of love 🙂

Featured Weimaraner — Samson

Dear Cliff and Shela

A New Hunting Partner is needed………

As you know, I’ve owned and hunted weim’s for the past 32 years and my 10 year old male needs to help me train my next hunting partner. My older daughter is 32 and our 1’st weim (Dutchess) joined us when Whitney was 6 months old- it’s been a love affair and commitment to the breed ever since.

We are a two Weim family……

We usually have at least 2 weims at all times, but lost our female (Princess) a little over a year ago–she was 13. Our dogs are actively hunted, and they also sleep on our bed at night. They are full-fledged members of the family. My male comes to the office every day and interacts with my patients, coming into the exam rooms with me.

Lacee's Male Smooth-coatSamson a fit name for this Weim!

This dog is just awesome- unbelievably smart and with a great personality. I went with the name Samson- he’s so incredibly strong it just fit. This has been a true joy. You guys have done a great job here. Thanks

Breeder’s Note: Skip lives in New Jersey where he has an active medical practice. His friend Michael got a Weim from us last year. Michael’s Weim was recently featured here on the OwyheeStar Weimaraners New’s blog–click here to read more about Minka!

This was the only silver gray male (traditional smooth coat) born to Lacee’s recent litter. The parents are the same as for the now infamous Willow (click here). As you can understand, the good doctor has better things to do that to take photos of his new fur family member. The photo was from the OwyheeStar archives. Below is Lacee with her recent litter (all have went to live with their new forever families).

DSC_8195 DSC_8230