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A Penchant for Paper!

      ~Naughty Maizie, Or Not!

No Paper on My Lips or Anywhere

You wouldn’t believe that this little beauty, MAIZIE, age 6.5, has a penchant for paper!  

You can file this in a chapter of “Weim Crimes!”  Yesterday, we left the house for an hour.  Maizie stayed home.  Usually always on our return home, she happily greets us—smiling, chattering, nibbling, wiggling with glee.  Yesterday she did not greet us.  Uh oh.   (She doesn’t greet us if she’s been naughty).   I found her laying in her living room sofa bed—ears back and shivering!  Uh oh.  Major telltale guilt!  We did a search of the house to find the “evidence” and came up with nothing!  We assumed then that she was just “thinking” about doing something naughty—reason for her guilty behavior.  That was, UNTIL…..
…..I went to make dinner!  Before we left home, I had printed a new recipe, Martha Stewart’s “Bacon-Mushroom-Leek Galette.”  It printed out on 3 pages.  I had left it on the dining room table.  It was nowhere to be found!  
BUSTED!  She didn’t leave a trace!  I had to reprint it to make dinner!  This is why we close our office door when we leave the house, can’t leave mail on the table, or leave a package in sight!  This girl’s got a penchant for paper!
Linda ❤️🐾

Breeder Comment

We cannot believe how smart this girl is, and as I replied–this is not her first paper raid you told us about. Old habits die hard. I guess the good news is it is paper—just so she doesn’t take to eating cash or important documents. (OMG)


     ~ Talks about Life

Is this what you are looking for?

Sometimes humans need help. Woof! There is all that housework. Then too, they cannot find their stuff. Speaking of stuff–they cannot seem to keep track of their glasses.

I recently read a post where a Weimar back East was involved with the glasses thing. Yes, I help find them. Sometimes we contemplate the complexities of life together. The biggest job I have is keeping a confidence–I think that is sometimes called a secret. I keep all kind of private stuff private. I am really good at listening –I never judge my humans. 

Breeder Comment

We understand that taking care of a family is a big job. What more can we say? Thanks for all your hard work, Berkley.


Important StuffFriche's Gracie with Blanket7355253_o

There are many reasons to wrap in a blanket. The cold is only one of them. Sometimes a girl just needs comfort. A book and a blanket are a personal favorite–Weims like traditional books too. The problem is their plan usual ends badly for the book.

Time Change Woes

Three Days of Perplexing Scheduling Issues

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Maizie can tell time.  

At 4:30 pm every day–like clockwork, Maizie very politely puts her paw on one of us–reminding us what time it is….her dinner time!   The time change since Sunday has thrown her through a loop!  At 3:30 now, here comes her polite paw–telling us that her tummy says it is 4:30!  When we tell her, “It’s not time,” she doesn’t understand.  We have tried to ride out that hour with a “cookie” until she settles in.  I hope this happens soon!   I can’t stand the sad look on her face!

~Linda and Jerry

Breeder’s Comment we have a similar problem. For years, I have told people these guys can tell time. It is uncanny how they know it is time for bed. If we happen to be watching a football game or some program that runs late, they are not amused. They keep giving us a prompt because surely we don’t know time is running over. It is like the pastor who preaches over the usual cutoff time. The congregation people are rocking in their seats. Their thoughts are wandering, and they secretly wonder if they can get a seat at their favorite lunch table. Humans are not the only clock watchers.
The time change is not amusing to the Weimaraner. At our home, this more about them rocking on their paws and ready to bound toward the door to potty and check in for bed. Oh, how I wish our children would have been so excited to get tucked in bed for the night. This scheduling thing (with the Weimaraner) is not exclusive to the dinner time or bed time. Coming home from work late can be a cause for great distress, and your delay may lead to the shredding of something. This time telling nature is not solely a homefront issue either. They also know the time in the car. We know of more than one family that has ended up being too long at an appointment, and the waiting Weimaraner has chewed the interior of the vehicle due to their anxiety. (They fear you have abandoned them and forgotten they are awaiting your arrival.) In one situation, the Weimar chewed the wiring harness to the tune of a $20,000 repair bill. Time is something to consider, and the routine loving Weimaraner doesn’t want you ever to forget they are clock watching too!


Stylish and as Fast as the Wind

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Thank You! We are glad Maggie has found a great fit into your Two Weim Household. She looks happy and at the same time busy. Thank you for calling her priceless. We hope she continues to do well and proves to be an excellent field dog too!

Pumpkin Decor

Gracie Claims My Quilt

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We got out all the pumpkin decor including the pumpkin quilt. Now it is Gracie’s favorite spot in the afternoon. (Eeeek, a dog on my quilt!! A quilter’s worst nightmare – but it is ok for a Weim lover!)
Best to you and have a wonderful pumpkin season.

~Nancy, Tony & Gracie


In Style

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April and Pilikia going cruising in the M3

Jorja Pleads Her Case

Frisbee, please, before friends arrive.  

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We write to you on this beautiful Fall Day from Belgium!  The sun is out! Jorja is Jorja as in the true Weim fashion.  As always I thank Auntie Arleen (Arliss ‘ mom) Jorja is the best!  However, she made this all possible, and by that I am not leaving Cliff and Shela out of the equation.  Without my sister, I would not have made the connection, and getting Jorja to Belgium would have been much more difficult.

Pictures Sometimes Lie

Pretty pictures don’t always tell the truth. In fact, Jorja was on her best behavior along until the end of our visit.  We had dinner guests on the way, and I didn’t throw frisbee with her as long as was needed.  As guests were leaving Jorja ate the last eight pork chops off the table!  Her first time and “hopefully” the last time table surfing.  Then the next morning she rolled in stinky stuff.  Pay back.

Refresher Course Needed

We are now backing up and reviewing old rules for the household.  We had slacked off on making her follow the rules prior to the pork chop incident. Jorja has behaved well of late. We got slack in our requirements–lesson learned.

Needless to say, we still love her so much!

Willow and Jan

How Willow Spent her Weekend

Jan Reports–Willow with her two Altered Reserve Best-In-Show ribbons from the UKC dog shows at Argus Ranch today (October 10, 2015)– Thanks to NWSWS and PSK9’s for the great job on the shows (as always), so much fun!

Willow is a regular on the OwyheeStar Blog. She is very accomplished and busy about the business of life. What doesn’t she do? Regardless, we love to share the OwyheeStar news–big and seemingly insignificant. The everyday routine of a Weimaraner is anything but the canine norm. If your pup’s antics would seem pale in comparison, don’t hesitate to send us something we can share. We need two or three good length sentences to have enough to share. Otherwise, we are grasping to find content. A photo is lovely; however, we need more than a picture to make the blog. Yes, we need at least one snapshot for any blog. If you love reading about everyone else’s Weimaraner, imagine how much they would enjoy hearing of yours and seeing a picture.

Speaking of Willow

She and Jan have brought home three Best-In-Show Ribbons over her short career. The United Kennel Club (UKC) now allows her to continue winning even though she has been altered. Jan Magnuson has thirty-five plus years experience with the Weimaraner. She is an accomplished all breed dog trainer. You can follow Jan as SunStar All-Breed Dog Training on Facebook. We highly recommend (if you live near Jan) you take advantage of her classes. This training opportunity is unprecedented chance to train with an accomplished Weimaraner advocate. We sincerely hope you would capitalize on this opportunity. Finally, we thank Jan and Willow for all they do to promote the breed in a positive manner.

Two Smiles

 Better Than One


Jan and Willow

When you smile it makes other people smile–if not on their lips, in their heart. It is a gift. It can change someone’s entire day. Smiles are a powerful thing. Some of us humans (and Weims) have a better smile than others. Whatever you have (smile wise) use it.

Willow and Jan are always busy bringing a bit of sunshine to others. They work the community events; they visit those who need help, and they are a favorite with the kids. Willow outshines Jan at these events. People know Willow’s name even when they forget Jan’s name–or call her police lady. If you look carefully you might capture another Willow smile.

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Cartwheel-turning, handsprings,  and smiles are Friday events. I think the Cartwheel might be a bit much for us, but we have sent you a smile or two!