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Mouthy Opus

Odin and Mom Terrible Twos

I wanted to send this photo of Opus. He is in the throws of terrible twos. It’s perfect timing the post you’ve made recently. He’s my third Weim. No surprises, right? Have a sense of humor, ye Weim lovers. He’s my challenge baby.

I’ve spent a week feeling sorry for myself because I feel I failed him as a trainer. After the blog posts I know we will be fine.

10379633_282026711989843_549594482560644242_oI haven’t been as mobile as I would’ve preferred with my foot in a cast for 6 weeks but I can still get my point across. Opus is a VERY mouthy boy. Would love for Cliff to offer suggestions. We have been praising him, redirecting and providing more chew toys but he really gets going when we walk in the door. It’s been months but he got up on the counter the other day. Pedro picked up the mouse trap and that’s all it took. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise-Opus recognized the tiny contraption and moved out immediately. ~ Melinda

Our Two Weim-family

Our Two Weim-family

 Cliff Says: Keep up what you are doing; stay positive, and don’t let him get by with the mouthing. Some of the best Weims want to dominate you with their mouth. It is about ownership–they love you so much, they want to help you run your life too!

The mousetrap can thwart the trash-thief, or keep them off the counter. I don’t use them, because the sound of the mousetrap mimics the bird-launcher. It would be counterproductive. Then they would be afraid to bird train.