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This kids and I have named him officially.  He is “Trigger Hugh”

He is adapting very well to Emery.  

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He is fast asleep in his crate with no problems.   Thank you again and look forward to updating you on out growth and development as a new family.

Ruger continues to do well…

Hello Again Cliff and Shela,

Wow….thank you for the sweet words in todays blog. Made me get all teary eyed.  I really do appreciate all you and Cliff do to get us all the best Weim for our family.  It was defiantly meant to be – Ruger is a perfect fit. He is so fun. Sweet and entertaining. BOY oh BOY is he smart.

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The bells are ringing…

By Monday night he was starting to understand the door bells – and now (Saturday) he has is down! “I ring it …my people come running and the door opens! Just like magic!” LOL ! He has done absolutely amazing with the potty training. He rings the bell and out he goes. 🙂 LOVE IT!!! We have had horrible below zero weather so our trips outside are very quick! and then back in by the warm fire.

Food Changes are tough…

We had discussed a different food (with Cliff), and he said it looked good. Regardless, the change caused a very loose stool. We used the canned pumpkin like you suggested. The pumpkin has been wonderful. I took your advice and we fed him just the pumpkin and then mixed it in with his food. He LOVES it! So I think I will continue to do it for a little while.

Shaydee is so great with him…

Back to back....

Back to back….

BTW– he weighs 17 pounds.  I really think that Shaydee thinks he is her baby, and I say Shaydee where is your baby, and she looks around for him. She wears him out and then they both crash for a little while. (as you will see in the pictures) They really enjoy tug a war .  🙂 It is cute!

The first night I had planned on letting him sleep with us – cause Shaydee does (yes I know I am crazy) but he got to hot next to us so we brought in the kennel and he went right to sleep…..and that is where he has slept every night. 🙂 He has really been a blessing – a lot of people knew our Meade and a lot of them say OH a mini Meade! 🙂 Ruger is such a great boy.  He just amazes me. Very smart! (As you might remember) our Meade was older when we got him and so we had our hands full. Don’t get me wrong – Ruger is a handful – but i think those few weeks makes a HUGE difference in behavior (it also helps that Ruger had amazing breeders that only give us the best ! YES I AM PARTIAL!!)

Snow Happens…

On Wednesday we got around 6-8 inches of snow (most we have had all year) and because of our old school building the kids got out of school  for snow days on Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday (Salmon only has a Monday thru Thursday school week) so as you will see in the pictures Haylee and Ruger in the snow. He thought it was all fun and games until he got cold…..then it was back inside with Granney to curl up by the fire place. 🙂 He’s no dummy!

Bath Time; puppy biting, etc

I gave him a bath the other night for the first time…..He was very good…..i put my legs in with him so he wasn’t scared and it seemed to help. He felt like silk afterwards!  We are all working on the puppy nipping (biting) which feels like little pinches! Lol He knows he is not suppose to do it…lol but just can’t help himself. 🙂 I cannot believe it; next  Tuesday he turns 12 weeks!

We are in love, and having a grand time….

Well just thought I would share these pictures and let you know we are all in love with Ruger! I am going to attempt to send a video I took of him – I am not sure you can make it work – I took it on my cell but I can’t get it work right on my computer…..hope you can make it work. Haylee was making a odd noise on the coffee table and Ruger was on the couch giving her a crazy look and turning his head from side to side……I think it is soooo cute 

Breeder’s Note: Ruger (formerly known as Brewster) made news when his family had a crisis at the last minute and could not pick him up. He was featured, and gained an instant following. Hollee wrote to ask about him–the rest is history. (Click Here to read a previous post on Wes and Hollee’s Ruger.) It is a bit confusing, because one of Ruger’s litter-mates is also named Ruger. He lives in Western Oregon. You might also note that Blu (featured yesterday) is Ruger’s sister. When a litter first leaves, there are more updates (as you might guess.)