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The Snake River Versatile Gun Dog Club

Today Marks Twenty Years

Snake LogoYou have no idea what it takes to put this event on. Heidi Wayne Funke has championed this cause along with her husband, Jeff, for twenty years. It takes dedication, and a type of stamina many of us could not fathom. After working a long day at FedEx, she goes home almost every spring evening to work on this event. There are countless phone calls to make, as well as details to organize. It takes a lot of organizational-ability, and more than a little knack to get the necessary volunteers. We know she is thankful for the faithful, who help year-in-and-year out; however, without her this event could not continue. Not only is this great for dog owners, the organization has given back to the community.

Protect them from their curiosity

Protect them from their curiosity

When you see this little green snake emblem, remember who has made this possible. Furthermore, keep in mind the beautiful person who orchestrates this for those who have a beloved fur family member. No one wants their pet to be lost to a snake bite.

The time you invest could save both you, and your companion. Your pet will learn how to avoid rattlesnakes by sight, smell, and sound. How great is that? This is important for hikers, campers, hunters, and anyone enjoying the great-outdoors.

Thank You

          Snake River Versatile Hunting Dog Club

OwyheeStar wants to stop, and say thank you. We appreciate you (the SRVGDC, and Heidi and Jeff Funke) for making this an annual event for twenty years.

It is Not Too Late  

The 2015 Registration is now Closed.

Nevertheless, you may still have your dog trained as a walk-up customer for $60. Here are the details:


Sunday ~ June 14, 2015

  • Veterans Memorial Park in Boise, Idaho
  • 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • $50.00 per dog with a reservation.
  • $60.00 per dog without a reservation.  Walk-ups are welcome.
  • Dogs must be 6 months or older.
  • All breeds accepted for training.
  • Each dog takes approximately 20 minutes to complete the training.
  • Red Rock Biologics Rattlesnake vaccine administered by Idaho Veterinary Hospital at $13 per vaccination.

They also partner with Idaho Fish and Game who will be presenting a Trap Awareness seminar. The Trap Awareness seminar is Free and No Appointment is Required.    You are encouraged to visit the Idaho Fish and Game’s fascinating exhibit anytime throughout our Community Service event!

Idaho’s Premier

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs

is conducted by

The Snake River Versatile Gun Dog Club

A Non-Profit Organization Since 1988

For More Information

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