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~Update from Captain Rod

A smart trainer/breeder once told me that the best life insurance you can give your dog is to train him well so all of your friends and relatives will love him and want him if something happens to his owner. If something ever happened to me, my friends would fight over who gets Sunny.

One of the many things I love most about my OwyheeStar blue Weimaraner is he absolutely loves everybody from little kids to adults.  He’s not just attached to me, he’s happy to be on a new lap from a new friend.

Around Christmas every year we go up to Lake Tahoe to visit friends and enjoy the snow. My two friends also have two labradors that Sunny has fun wrestling with.   When he’s bounding through the deep snow in the forest, he’s truly in his element.    On the way home, we visited two more friends that have 2 very sweet and high drive hunting dogs that he met.  The rules were a bit more flexible in this household, and the dogs and humans dined together.  Sunny gets along with other dogs very well, but if he’s mounted, he will object with some growling and barking.  Can’t blame him there.

Sunny and I have come to some agreements a long time ago, and he’s flexible in various situations.  He will stay on his bed if necessary and behave quietly, or if the rules are loose, he’ll party with other dogs as crazy as ever.  He’ll happily ride in the backseat on long trips for as long as necessary.  He heels off leash, and runs free on walks when it’s safe.  His training of me is almost complete I’ve been told.

Breeder Comment

You may or may not remember Sunny’s earliest beginning on the catamaran with Rod–click here. I have often dreamed of sailing with Sunny–and I suppose it is possible ( ), but we are pretty much tied to OwyheeStar for now. It makes is very happy to know Sunny continues to delight others and is a great companion for Rod. Happy New Year to you, Sunny, and your humans, too.

Water and the Weimaraner

The Stand Up Paddleboard

            and Your Weimaraner

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The Weimaraner is water friendly despite the fact that some Weim parents cannot seem to get theirs in the water. Yesterday, on the blog (Swimming OwyheeStars ), Cliff shared some pointers on achieving the water retrieve.

There have been others who have interacted, and ridden on the SUP. Please check out these links:

Dock Diving and Sailboats

There are other (than the SUP) OwyheeStar water pastimes. Most water Weims are swimmers, or water retrievers; however, there are those that dock dive. Click here and see and Idaho pair of dock diving Weimaraners. Sunny grew up on a sailboat. He still spends time on charters to the delight of some who sail choose to sail with Rod.

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Working Weimaraner

Sunny as the TherapistSunny therapy

Sunny 2014 on the boat

My Owheestar Weim has a huge impact on the guests that sail with me.  On this day he was acting as a much needed therapy dog for this lady.


I think the 2nd photo shows what an awesome majestic dog he’s grown into.  He’s laying on his favorite Micky mouse blanket……


Thank you,

Rod (Click Here to Read More about Rod)

Breeder’s Note: Sunny has been featured many times on our blog. We added a link (for your convenience) so you can see Rod’s sailing opportunity–should you happen to visit San Diego. For those interested in reading more about Sunny on our previous blogs–Click Here!

Weimaraner Puppy Biting Revisited

Sunny at the Beach Nov 2012ASunny is amazing.  For some people their weimaraner is “part” of the family, and for others like me, their weimaraner “is” their only family.

Puppy Nipping Happens

Sunny did alot of “affectionate” nipping, and I donated my fair share of blood, but slowly but surely it got better. Now at a year old, this issue has passed completely, and he’s very gentle with his mouth. Now still working on calm greetings, and not jumping up when over excited…… It’s been very fun.

It is important to control the situation

One more comment on the puppy nipping. I have learned that it is very important to control the interactions that my dog has with people we meet along our travels together.  People often wanted to play rough with Sunny with their hands, and then he got out of control, and started nipping.  Then, I don’t think it’s fair to the dog to correct him for nipping after he got too wound up.  These weim puppies just can’t control themselves when they get too excited at a young age.  So I used to always carry a booda bone or toy to substitute when playing.  Biting the toy…..good dog…… !   If someone I meet won’t play with my dog in an acceptable way, I take Sunny away from the situation immediately.

Breeder’s Note: Rod raised Sunny in the middle of his life, and since he takes him to work every day (click here to read more) it was important to get results very quickly. We often say it takes a knack to raise this breed, and that is probably a good way to explain things. There is not a one size fits any situation and approach to raising the Weimaraner. This is what gets some seasoned Weimaraner owners into trouble with their next Weim. They come to the new relationship with a lot of preconceived ideas, rather than looking at this as a fresh opportunity. Either they are thinking they are endowed with dog-savvy and experience, so they know best, or they are over compensating for mistakes made the time before. Neither is a good approach to a new situation.

Rod’s comments (posted in this blog) were in response to yesterday’s blog. We thought they might prove helpful to those of you struggling with puppy biting. It can grow old, and you can become weary of having to deal with it. In time, it will pass if you don’t over react.