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~Trying out Nosework

As summer approaches, it has become time to find a new activity to keep Push’s brain engaged. Due to an ongoing problem with a knee injury  (mine) we are not able to do agility this summer so we are starting a class in scent work. When we are outside, his nose is always to the ground following the scent of some kritter or another. We have deer, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, quail, and have even spotted a juvenile cougar passing through the property.

Luckily he has left the skunks alone unlike Zula who had to learn the hard way that skunks are not black and white cats. Push did find some black bear scat in the oak grove but it was not fresh. Luckily he is not a Weim that has developed the trait of rolling in animal “exhaust”, again unlike Zula who finds rotting deer poo almost to hard to resist.

I also want to let you know that after following your blog, and reading about Dusty and the duralactin, I ordered some for Trixie. Trixie is my 12 year old pit mix that has arthritis in her shoulder. The duralactin seems to have helped her pain as she does not limp as badly as she did before starting it and she is more active. So, thank you for the information.


Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear that you discovered the Duralactin (anti-inflammatory) for Trixie. Also that you are engaged with the Nosework, this discipline seems like a realistic activity for both of you.

Bodhi likes to roll in it….

Bodhi July 2012

Bodhi July 2012

Dog Shower Wanted ~ Needed!

I think I really need a dog shower for Bodhi, he loves to roll in cow manure, he prefers the fresh stuff. 🙂 I have been using the furminator, but not sure what size I have, it is about 4 inches across.

Bodhi, just had his first birthday last Thursday (April 25,  2013), he is such a smart boy and so happy and willing to please. What a great gift he is to both Jerry and I.

We share our Bodhi

Jerry loves him as much as I do! In fact until recently, he was mostly Jerry’s dog, but when I come home he HAS to come see me.

Green Weim learns what is what…

I should have taken a photo of my green manure dog for you to post.  We go for walks and he points out birds, mice, chases after jack rabbits.  But, he has learned not to touch my chickens, sometimes he chases them but when I tell him no, he backs off.

Bodhi, doesn’t look that much like Stackhouse, his face is more boxy.  But we love his looks.

He is a working Weimaraner…

He loves to help, we were trimming the tree a few weeks ago and he picked up a huge limb to help us carry to the brush pile.

I was moving small concrete blocks one day and he tried to pick it up and carry it for me.  That boy loves to work.

Addicted to the Weimaraner

You are right on all counts about weims. No other dog will do for me. ~ Rebecca

Breeder’s Comment: We didn’t have a current photo of Bodhi. This is one taken when he was here last summer. This post was too good to post even though Rebecca didn’t get a photo for us.