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Ducky tops Eighteen Pounds

Ducky had his 12 week booster yesterday and weighed in at 18.6lbs.  He’s so big it’ll be a challenge to pick him up in the near future.  Training around the house is going well although he hates the ‘Gentle Leader.’  :)))

 Charming and Handsome

In the meantime, I wanted to share these photos.  Everyone marvels at how gorgeous he is!

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 Pet Insurance

Also, just an FYI – the states of California and NY do not allow ‘complimentary pet insurance’ in the case of the AKC 60-Day Trial included in your packet.  We ended up going with TruPanion as we found that to be the most popular pet insurance here.

Breeder’s Comment: Thank you Mindy for the wonderful update. Everyone (us included) hopes to read about some their pup’s litter-mates. Some folks are frequent contributors; others mean to get me an update, but they forget. Life is eventful. We suspect that sending us a note about the pup is a pretty low priority for a lot of folks; reasons will vary–not good on the computer, working hard with the pup, obligations, other interests, etc.

Pet Insurance: A few years back we didn’t think pet insurance was a must. Recently, it is more clear that a lot of pets have been put down due to lack of funds. The Weimaraner might not see that happen, but when a person is facing $ 4,000 plus, and there is no guarantee–anything can happen. DNA weaves through. Despite efforts to eliminate or eradicate problems, it is impossible to avoid all problems. The Weimaraner is prone to bloat, and athletic. The first could lead to an emergency situation. We have not seen many of the OwyheeStar pups lost to bloat, nor have we lot one of our Weims. Nevertheless, it is always a risk. Secondly, the athletic Weimaraner can easily tear an ACL, injure a limb, or do serious structural damage in one of their antics. Yes, we did say antics–those living with these wonderful creatures may well know what we mean. Therefore, we recommend carrying some kind of insurance. The down-side of having insurance is the vet may recommend too many chemicals, shots, etc. for the Weim if you don’t hold the line. They mean well, but the Weimaraner is not tolerant of anything other than a holistic approach. Problems are best avoided when possible.

Our Vet recommends Pets Best Insurance–click here to learn more. It is good to compare policies. The AKC insurance is another option, and of course in your puppy packet comes a trial version. This is meant to get you to keep their insurance, and we are positive they make a little kick-back. Supporting AKC is not necessarily a bad thing. Regardless, we recommend you compare the policies, and talk to someone at your vet office. Certainly, a major medical type policy would be good to have if something untoward knocks on the door. We have seen reports that show where the first year the cost of the insurance is a wash–there are a lot of factors, and expenses in the first twelve-months. Some of these probably are not covered, but many are, and a lot of policies help with the spay/neuter expense.