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Kali Blue

~Home Again

Maybe you remember Kali Blue and her story. Yesterday, she was reunited with Phillip. We all know what these wonderful creatures mean to us–in some cases, they literally save our lives. Quite possibly there are no words to cover how they touch our soul.

The time lost–cannot be gotten back. Nonetheless, each day they have is a precious gift.

Let’s all remember Phillip and Kali Blue and pray that she can make a quick adjustment. After all, we are talking about the Weimaraner–change is very hard. We wish her all the best from here on out.

Today–we join in the celebration of her return. Uh–thank God for microchips, too! Folks –be sure to register those microchips. Every OwyheeStar puppy leaves with the AKC Reunite Microchip.

Duck at Home in Virginia

Together Again,IMG_1649

When Abe could not net a great job (despite garnering a Master’s in English from the prestigious University of Oregon) he made the decision to join the Navy. Duck came to stay with us (in Abe’s stateside-absence) for a lengthy period of time, while Abe found himself floating in the Indian Ocean, and working as a correspondent. I cannot remember his exact title; it doesn’t matter. Duck was here, and Abe was where the Navy wanted him to be—serving our country, and the world at-large. We rejoice in the reunion, and thank Abe for his service.