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Weimar Games



16903455_1181464675256469_144163915201259349_oGracie made this game up as is the way with Weims. She buries the ball under the snow and then surprises herself when she digs it out – every time! She lets me throw the ball every so often so I don’t get bored. Out in the snow with Gracie and our best to you.

Nancy, Tony & Lisa

Reno in focus

reno-4runnerFull Bore Ahead

Silver BulletAs you know I take a lot of pictures of Reno. The experts say that you need to pre-visualize the picture in you mind. Then you try to capture the image with your camera. This is very hard to do. The image in your mind is idealized and vague. Everything has to come together, shutter speed, depth of field, back lighting, getting eye to eye with your subject, focus, and a subject that puts out at 100 %.

82 mm, ISO 200, f 2.8, 1/800 and Reno at full bore

I hope that you Cliff and all of the weims are doing well. Feel free to use this photo as you wish. ~ Larry

Breeder’s Comment: Larry is a retired computer engineer. After years of being tied to the computer, and program development, he finds his pursuit of wildlife photography a welcome focus. For all of us who photograph our Weims, we know how difficult it is to get a photo like this one of Reno. Larry has contributed to our blog from time-to-time. Most of you know Reno. He calls him home base Portland, but travels to find other than city wildlife. 

Perfume and the Weimaraner

Reno-16Reno-8Larry and Reno

All of your weim owners tell about how smart their new puppy is. Reno is not smart. I think he can read my mind. On his walk the other day he did his normal roll on the stinky dead thing. He was very proud of his new perfume.

When we got home I went into the bedroom to change my boots and I thought I need to find Reno. He needs a bath. I started looking for him and I found him in the far corner of the front room hiding from me. He knew that he was going to get a bath.Reno-9

The other night I was going to bed and turned off the light. Then it hit me – Reno did you let a Stinker? Reno come to bed …. 10 sec …. 20 sec …. 30 sec Reno where are you? Get up turn on the light – no Reno. I found him standing at the end of the hall. I said come on lets go to bed. He went to the bed room door stopped lifted his head testing the air. He then went beside the bed and tested the air again. I guess the air was okay by now as he jumped up on the bed and was ready for sleep.

Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner’s acute sense of smell doesn’t seem to align with what we prefer on many occasions. The one exception is food. They can smell the toast you left on the counter, from the backyard. Their dash to the kitchen to get it while you are looking for where you left the iPad can be amazing. At times, it might end with a person wondering if they actually made the toast.  Their affinity for dead-animal perfume could make you lose your morning fare. Nonetheless, our love supersedes anything that they might throw our direction.