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~Aging Beautifully

Looking at your new little fur balls it’s hard to believe they will turn into beautiful serene dogs. Gracie (Greta and Blue) born in March, 5 years ago is always collecting complements and praise.

She is our beautiful girl. I wonder what her bothers and sisters are doing these days.

Best to you, Nancy and Tony

Breeder Comment

She is lovely–as are the littermates we have heard from over the last few years. Thank you for this lovely note with two extraordinary photos. Well, if anyone with a littermate reads this post–we hope you send us an update–with at least one photo.

Here’s A Thought

The Christmas Tree is Up

Frisch Christmas Tree_3643We put our tree up early just to see if we could still do it!!! Here is Gracie showing Harley the ropes in that usually fenced off area we call the living room! She didn’t go near the tree – nothing to eat there. He gave it a sniff and then they both stretched out on the sofa for a nap! Yawn. We’ll wait on ornaments until December. One step at a time!!
Best to you and happy Thanksgiving!!
Nancy & Tony

Breeder Comment

The most extreme solution to tree-safety we have seen is the one hanging from the ceiling upside down. The tree (without the ornaments) is an idea for those who prefer a more traditional approach. Everyone’s lifestyle and the environment are a bit different. A person has to adapt and be creative it seems–many of you will be considering adding a tree. Many thanks to Nancy and Tony for their share. We hope you enjoy it as well.


On The Table

Frisch's Two_3609This amazing (because they were so posed and still) photo was taken recently of Gracie and our new rescue boy Harley. Gracie on the table (Greta x Blue) is her usual regal self at 3 1/2 years now.  She has accepted Harley into the family and loves having someone to play with whenever she wants to play! He came to us in March at about 1 years old with a very sad story for his short life but now has found his forever family. They are quite a handful together but have made our life more joyful every day. Thank you for starting us on the Weimaraner road!!
Best to you
Nancy and Tony

Breeder Comment

We remember meeting you like it was yesterday. It is amazing that 3.5 years have passed so quickly. Now, you have a Weimar rescue. Lucky him! We are glad you have fallen for this breed. May they both live long and continue to bring you laughter.


Important StuffFriche's Gracie with Blanket7355253_o

There are many reasons to wrap in a blanket. The cold is only one of them. Sometimes a girl just needs comfort. A book and a blanket are a personal favorite–Weims like traditional books too. The problem is their plan usual ends badly for the book.

Pumpkin Decor

Gracie Claims My Quilt

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We got out all the pumpkin decor including the pumpkin quilt. Now it is Gracie’s favorite spot in the afternoon. (Eeeek, a dog on my quilt!! A quilter’s worst nightmare – but it is ok for a Weim lover!)
Best to you and have a wonderful pumpkin season.

~Nancy, Tony & Gracie

A Dream Come True

We are Happy to have Blu in our Lives

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I am a huge dog-lover. As a kid, I grew up with Labs. As an adult (and as a father) I had to take a back seat to what dogs my kids liked. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming for me to have “My Dog”. The kids are grown, that is except for our four-year-old. She is not yet old enough to select her dog of choice. This time around it is my turn. I love the fact that they are friendly and feel part of the family. Have looked into this breed for years.

Blu is making his way into our home and hearts

Plenty of room for Blu to run around.   My youngest Daughter is in love with Blu, and he likewise with her.

Beauty Rest Required

This Look Requires

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  1. Adequate shut eye time.
  2. The right sofa, chair, or bed.
  3. A pillow.

After all, a girl needs what she needs. Right?

Gracie on the Run

We wanted to share our huge rainbow which framed today’s walk  IMG_0093Gracie at Work

You have probably seen this type of video from many of your owners, but for us it is amazing every time we are out for a walk. Gracie takes off on her own personal hunt, doing figure eights at that super Weim speed.

She loves to run in the high grass and around the sagebrush. She is a beautiful dog now at 60lbs. Will she get much bigger? Time will tell. Thank you for all your blog posts as you pave the way ahead for us.

Best to you, Nancy and Tony

Breeder’s Comment: The growth plates do not close; however, growth slows down. Most of the rapid growth that yields constant change happens in the first few month’s of the Weimaraner’s life. That being said, by the time the pup reaches six-months of age, they are adult looking, yet a high-powered pup. Litter-mates can vary in size, and in personality. Think of it like a family that shares the same parents, and that produces multiple children. Often, the children share similarities, but variances can be dramatic. This is never truer than with size. By all appearances, Gracie is going to be a lot smaller than her mother–she is one of the largest females we have encountered at 80 Lbs.

Gracie is Five Months Old

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Life is Good!

Early morning walk on an amazing misty rainy day.  We made our usual way out along the canyon trail.  Gracie is 5 months old and enjoying the delights of the trail (as I am!). She is such a beautiful girl. A couple of years ago, we had a fire burn down this canyon and everything was blackened and several homes were lost.  Now it is a lush green again.   You can just see the trail around on the other side of the canyon, about a 2 mile walk round and back.  Best to you, Nancy and Tony


The Mountain Girl

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We took Gracie over to the Tahoe area for a few days.  Our first hike was right after sunrise out at Martis Lake Reservoir across from Northstar, a plain of soft sandy ground surrounded by mountains. Lots of wild flowers still in bloom. Gracie was a little shy about going in the lake so we had a good walk and threw some rocks in the water from the shore.  She was so surprised at the splashes! Yesterday we walked out to the Donner Lake overlook, just a mile and half from the parking area, so not such a long walk for such a great reward.  This was her first walk in the woods and she stayed close while doing lots of investigating.  What a big girl she is getting to be. We saw deer tracks in our foot prints on the trail coming back.  What a beautiful day!

~Best to you, Nancy and Tony