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Our Lily

~ From the beach to snow–no problem

You might remember we recently relocated to Colorado, and we were sad to say goodbye to Lily’s day care friends–and her life spent on the beach. We wondered how she would adapt to the change. Lily adjusting from beach dog to snow dog–here is the evidence. Lol

Breeder Comment

We are glad you got settled in Colorado–and the video and photos are delightful to see. Thank you! Readers you might want to check out this previous post to put this one in perspective–click here.

Sahra and I moved to Portland

I’m an OwyheeStar Stalker too!

Hi! I haven’t contacted you in forever, but  I do regularly stalk your blog, as you so wittily mentioned in your blog the other day.

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We are living in Portland

Sahra and I have been doing great. We recently moved to Portland and have had fun all summer getting to know the city and the surrounding areas. Since Sahra is now the ripe old age of 4, she has definitely settled down. She still likes to challenge me on who is the boss, but its not nearly as frequent. She is quite good about listening, but she is a Weim so I don’t think she will ever truly stop looking for opportunities to be in charge.

She has coped with our crazy lifestyle…

She is really quite adjusted, I was worried when I first got her that she would have a lot of separation anxiety since I live alone and she would be alone by herself all day. I’ve never had a problem, using your advice of never setting a concrete schedule really helped. I think it set the foundation that has been priceless these past couple of years.  I had to go out of town frequently all last year for work, often for a week at a time. Consequently Sahra was a little bit like a foster kid staying a friends house with her other dog friends but she was a champ. She never mis-behaved and was just all the more excited when I came home. Also, I did have a military commitment that kept me away for almost four months. She stayed with my sister and her family including my two young nephews and their dog (a very differently environment than my quiet house). Again, she was great she didn’t act out or have any  problems she loved the boys but she was SO excited the day I came home and picked her up!! I have never seen her so excited. She was a little clingy for the first week or so I was back but I think she earned it. I just spent a lot of time doing activities together (hiking running ect) and she settled down. Like I said earlier the foundation of not letting her get set in a routine really helped our relationship. She knows I am always going to come home to her, no matter if it is just a work day or a  whole week or longer.