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~ previously known as Rose (new home, and new name)

I promised an update on the 10-month old we got from Teal in Seattle. She had a plush life with Teal, so it is hard to call it a rescue. 

Dutch is doing well. She has gained muscle, either through natural growth or from getting out more, and confidence. She is quite content out in the back yard for hours at a time which is a change from our previous Weim. She loves basking in the sun and chewing on a stick. We have not introduced her to birds yet, but judging by her interest in them when we are out running, I think she will do well in that regard. She is a pretty good alarm dog, not too aggressive but not too trusting. And she absolutely loves Nathanael, our 14-year old!
Have a Merry Christmas. 

Breeder Comment

Thank you for helping Teal out –sometimes your life surprises you with more than you can manage–this was that type of situation. We are positive Dutch has found a good situation and will continue to thrive within your family. Please stay in touch!

Sage and Roxie

~With Copper

Sage is still doing fine. She isn’t always impressed with things such as me not being able to find her regular dish–and her having to eat out of a Cool whip container. This happened because I couldn’t find the dog dishes so I grabbed that for her to give her breakfast. At first she just looked at it like she wasn’t sure what to do with it but, being a Weim, she figured out there was food in it so she went ahead and ate out of it.  It was funny to watch her.

In the photo at the top here she is laying on a blanket. She was being goofy and kept barking at Copper like she was daring him to try to take it away from her.  She does that with her bone sometimes in her crate too. It was pretty funny.

When we had the VBS Emma and Naomi and her mom stayed at our place in their camper and Naomi found a hanky in my room and she went and covered Sage with it. It was so cute–Sage is just so extra special with little kids that’s what was really funny

Had to Happen

The dogs all three got baths because the septic backed up and the good news is that it didn’t back up into the house. Anyhow John Paul had hit one of the vent pipes with the high Grass mower and they did a temporary fix by simply putting an inverted bucket on top. (It would have been okay, but you know.) Well I noticed the dogs drinking water from around the bucket and with closer observation realized there was toilet paper in the water so the guys made quick work to get the septic fixed. I had to give three dogs baths with the boys help. They sure look funny dripping wet. 

Emma (my goddaughter) who I have over quite often sits here with her buddies Roxy and Copper. Roxy and Copper like to watch out the window for the chipmunks and wild rabbits and then of course they bark and go completely insane. Of course, then they want to go outside. I know it’s kind of goofy but anyway we’ve had to really watch cuz Copper all of a sudden decided he wanted to get a good sniff. He started sneaking out the back door–something he’s never done before.

Breeder Comment

We are glad that Sage and Roxy (and your non-Weimar Black Cur–Copper) are all doing well. You have a very busy and exciting life. Thanks for all you do. We are especially thankful that you adopted Sage and Roxy–not a young puppy. You have given them the best possible situation. Thanks, again.

Otis Adjusts

Making the journey to my new life

Making the journey to my new life

Breeder’s Note: Rehoming a Weimaraner is not something to be taken lightly. At least, that is the case if you want them to thrive. There is a process that we go through, and we have had great success. We believe a breeder is responsible for the critters they raise, and it is their duty to ensure they find a good home. No matter what you do, a few (or the pups you raise) will most likely fall through the cracks. Regardless, this aspect of raising pups should not be taken lightly.

This is about Otis and what is happening in his life. Here is a new beginning for Otis. His family hit a serious hiccup, and were devastated when they needed to give him up. They brought him, his records, and worldly goods back to us. Cliff worked to prepare him for a second-chance placement. Please read on about Otis and his new life.

Hello Shela and Cliff,

Day One–Saturday

I wanted you to know the trip went good. Otis seemed to be comfortable with both me and Mike. He likes to be touched and petted. Now that we have arrived home, we are all about settling into the new homestead. There is plenty of room here as you well know. Like his former placement, we have chickens.

Mikey and OtisPatrick, Tim and Max arrived home. I put Otis on a leash and introduced each person to him separately. Then he went into his kennel while he absorbed the fact there were more people in the house.

Then he came out to play. He ran after his balls and to the boys and back to me. He found a tennis ball under the couch but I took it away. He is so powerful, I was afraid he would take it apart.

Back to the powerful item: I am training him and anyone who opens the door of kennel, he must sit and stay first before coming out and only on command.

And in and out of the door, he must stay at door until told, ” okay, come in” or ” okay, come out”.

Hope I do not sound totally controlling but him flying out either our front or back door could put someone down the stairs either at the end of leash or waiting to come into house.

This morning started at 5:00 am with a great walk.

Oh, hey why did I not do this years ago with larger dogs!! His water dish is a big rectangular Tupperware type bowl. NO WATER on the floor when he drinks!!

Ok, we are off to a great day and Big O just hangs where we are:)

Glad you care so much!!!


Otis was testing the waters this morning but he realized I can just about stand there all day in a quiet voice until he responds.  Stinker!!  I know he is checking out the territory and new smells but I expect him to respond.  I really want to start out right with Otis so we all are happier.

He had loose bowels yesterday but things looking good this morning.

Appreciate the heads up on saying, “ok” when it is not.  He barked yesterday about every time someone walked into the room except for me.  I would go stand somewhere in the room in his line of vision and say quietly, “Otis, no barking.” and he would stop and lie down.

This morning he hasn’t made a peep at anyone.

He has shown no interest in Shorty (our rescue Beagle–which may be finding a more suitable placement) since the first meeting out front when they were both on their leashes. They kennel in the same room.  We are waiting to hear from Mike’s friend who is due back anytime.

Outside yesterday, Shorty so wanted a playmate and Otis turned his back to him and it was business as usual.

Good thing I have a long stride but tell me again the appropriate collar for him. He is really improving about taking me or anyone down the front stairs as I say, “easy” and he slows his pace.

I wish I had had a video of him this morning.  He knocked his food dish which was in my hand and (20 pieces of) food went all over carpet . I placed his bowl and told him he could eat and when he finished his bowl, he gently picked up every piece on the carpet.

I love the fact my boys are interested in him and enjoy having him in the house and taking him out for long walks. Even though they are grown adults, they come and go. The fact that it is a good fit for Otis, and them is a huge plus.

We have complained this house was built by little people because of the toilet height and counter height.  Funnier still because the second and present owner and his wife are quite tall and he is a builder.  Their new home has tall counters; but this one has those designed for a midget–yesterday when Mike was preparing breakfast, Otis came up next to him and placed his head on the kitchen counter.  Hilarious!

I also think he may have been from the table. I think this because he sat next me very patiently when we sat down to eat.  Regardless, of whether he ever garnered a table-morsel or not, I have forbidden anyone under the threat of death (you know I am speaking figuratively here) to feed him anything other than his food. Doing so would not be doing him any favors in several areas including diet and behavior.  Mike told Otis, “down” and he laid down and then he told him if it were him, he would feed him a treat but he would starve waiting for anything from my plate:-)