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We recently made a few people happy; and a few others not so much. We had summer puppies born, after we failed to produce a late spring litter. Some of you have been watching the news. You may have seen some of the photos. Here are some photos taken just prior to the last puppy exit. There is a lot going on behind the scenes when we have pups getting ready to join their forever families.

There is always the backdrop of pressure. This is because first a person is found waiting to get a pup from us, and then it is not always clear if we can make the whole thing work. We call it the OwyheeStar Formal Waiting List, but in truth if might be better called the OwyheeStar Juggling List. We understand things can change on a dime. People can have things arise, and sometimes in the last hour they change their mind numerous times. The moment we are speaking about is when we are in the thick of our Discovery and Placement process. We try to be as flexible as possible for those who have waited the longest.

It can be very difficult, because we might have a female, and the person had their heart set on a male. The coat color might not be as they desired. There might be other factors that seemed really big, until they realized it meant another period of waiting. It is a complex situation, because we don’t want a person to compromise; however, bringing home a puppy is not like picking a package off the shelf. There are many unknowns. There are factors we cannot overcome on our end. Some folks, in the eleventh hour realize the coat color, the size, the sex, etc. doesn’t matter as much as health and temperament. 

This can leave those that thought they might get the last potential pup not solidly promised reeling. It can leave us feeling happy-sad. In the end, Cliff is right. This is as it will always be, because each person will have to work through the process in their own way. It is a huge decision. In the end, someone is always going to feel short-changed, and someone else is going to feel blessed beyond words. There is no getting around this scenario.

Maintaining the integrity of our word, and sticking to the process when no one is looking creates extra pressure. Overall, most of the folks are more than understanding. It is heart-breaking when we have someone desperately wanting a pup, and it doesn’t work out. The folks caught on the cusp-of-maybe, or probably are the ones that take a hit. For that we apologize. We do care, but in the end, those that were waiting the longest, get priority. This is true even if the wait was largely in part to their circumstances. We all know that stuff happens, and things don’t turn out as planned. For example, the house-closing didn’t come together. That is one that happens often. Down the road a bit, it won’t sting as much. In the short-haul, it can wreck havoc on the plan, and leave a person feeling a sad loss. Ultimately, in our experience, things seem to end up for the best. Hindsight is always the best mode of sizing up what occurs. Over the years, so many people wrote us later, that despite the fact that they wanted a pup much earlier, the timing turned out for the best. The pup was perfect for them. This is a heartwarming statement that we wish will always be true. 

It is possible to do what we can do–no more. We cannot control certain facets of this puppy raising, and placement. We appreciate our fans, and those that are understanding (as well as patient).