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New Collars

~Surrounded by Fluff

The kids got new collars on Thursday–moved up to the adjustable ones. Christina took some photos and a couple of video clips–excuse my barking (coughing) in the background–it is a thing. I think you will love hearing the little puppy sounds.

No Politics

~ Just Happy Thoughts and Faces

Seriously thinking that puppy faces might be good for the soul–and always preferable to whatever political news you follow. Well, that is my thought–more happy faces this Sunday.

Weimar Mama

~With Her Babies

I am convinced that the very young Weimaraner pup doesn’t distinguish between Mama, littermates, and their own body. They are inexplicably pulled to the heat source and the food source—what a miracle. Just amazing when you think about it.


Puppy Faces

~Something Other Than Fake News

Breeder Comment

It has become a Sunday puppy faces posting situation–better than Fake News, or even True News.

In Case You Wondered

~ AKC says this about the current market

As a follow-up to our initial breeder security email, we’ve assembled new resources to help you better protect yourself on AKC Marketplace.

For the past three months, AKC Marketplace has continued to capture record-breaking traffic from active puppy seekers. This surge in visitors has led to an increase in scammers looking to take advantage of both breeders and puppy seekers alike. 

To learn more about how scammers gain access to breeder accounts, read the latest Expert Advice article, “Breeders Beware: Puppy Scams on the Rise.”

Breeder Comment

Well, it is undoubtedly true that we have received more inquiries than ever before. If anyone happens to see an OwyheeStar puppy listed for sale anywhere but directly from us, we know it is a scam. That has happened before–I contacted the listing and notified them, but what a hassle. We would not want to have someone get cheated thinking they were getting a pup from us–when it was as a scam.

While there is a steady stream of inquiries (which takes considerable time and energy to keep up with), a lot of these are not going anywhere. People are in a hurry for a puppy. The reality is we cannot make an endless number of pups. What we do takes time, energy, and costs us on nearly every level. It is our joy, but there are limitations.

Puppy Faces

Spring Pups 2020

Maybe This

~ When Shela runs out of Updates and Words

Dear Friends, I am positive I have a little something tucked here or there, but it alludes me. I will check again to see what I have for the coming week. I hope something. (Haha) Today–I thought you might forgive me for taking the more natural approach–puppy faces are typically welcome.


~ We are ever so Grateful

Dear OwyheeStar Friends, Fans, and Followers,

We want to take this time to send a heartfelt note to everyone who reads our blog. Of course, we are all thankful to those who have contributed a story–I believe we can all agree that we love hearing about the Weimaraner. Especially those related to ours. (Haha)

With Cliff’s recent illness, you folks upheld us with your prayers and positive vibes–Wow, we are ever so thankful for that too. We would be hard-pressed to write a short-list of things for which we are grateful. Our kids, our grandkids, and our great-grandkids would definitely top the list.

We continuously tell anyone that will listen that we have met some of the best folks on planet earth–all because of the Weimaraner. It never ceases to amaze us –you people are the BEST.

Thank you for the trust you share with us–for your loyalty and for sharing so much with us. Our OwyheeStar Community makes us smile every day.

And, let us not forget a little Puppy Fix from this week’s bit of business.

We are Expecting

~ Bettee is Due Anytime

We can do nothing but hold our breath until the projected whelp happens–this is the first of two slated for this month. And, more importantly–this is an all Longhair Litter. Of course, we cannot guess what we will get–coat color, sex of the pups, or the number born.

That Puppy Look

One Too Many Flashes

~Are We Done Yet?

The wiggles, the squiggles, and let’s not forget the squint. Yes, the puppies find the camera too demanding. They try to escape. We squeak a toy, clap our hands, and try to get them to look at the camera. Sometimes we get the look–oh the process is so exhausting.