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You Want a Puppy

Our Application Process

6_Lacee X Blue 5WKSThe process starts evolving once you contact us with an inquiry; nevertheless, the most important step to get things rolling forward is to complete our application. It is an online application; however, you must get the password from us. We have a lot of folks that ask to complete the application. We answer each one, and provide comments as we do so. There is a percentage of folks that follow through by giving us a deposit to lock in a place on the formal waiting list. We ask for the small deposit, after we have approved your application, and before we add your name to the waiting list.

We get countless requests to save a person’s name, and to contact them when we get something. There is no way we can do that. If you completed an application, and you have not gotten us a deposit, you are not on the waiting list. The one exception is for our repeat clients. Otherwise, we keep adding names in the order we receive the Waiting List Deposit. This is the order of priority. It is still a juggling act to manage everyone’s wants, needs, and their timelines. It is also a guessing game; our crystal ball is certainly broken. We cannot predict the number of pups that will be born, their sex, and in many cases the coat color. There is always a risk that the litter will not be carried the full term. There might be no pups born.

 The Waiting List

7_Lacee X Blue 5WKS-32There is a waiting list. People want to know how long the wait might be, but we make reference to our prior comments. We cannot be certain what will be born. Interpreting the way the waiting list will unfold is another factor out of our control. Sometimes a client on the waiting list cannot move forward due to life circumstances. People change their mind about the sex, color, and timeline. Everything in the entire process is in a constant flux. There is little we can control. We make the best possible decisions based upon the projected need, and we stay thankful whatever is born. If we needed four females, and four males are born–they are still very precious.

 In the End

6_Sadie X Stackhouse WK5-1378_Millee X Stackhouse WK5-13When the puppy comes home it is always smaller than you imagine (or almost always). It is far cuter than expected; our photos don’t do them justice. The wow-factor melts hearts. In fifteen minutes, the pups begin to adjust, and bond with their new family. We are not even a fleeting thought. This is not a sad end; it is the beginning.