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Sunday Photos

~Various Puppy Photos from the 2017 Archives

Sunday Photos

~ Bernie X Boone Babies (2017)

Sunday Photos

~Various pictures from our Archives

Sunday Photos

~ From the Archives

It is no secret that we watch a lot more college football, but we do follow several NFL teams. We will watch the Super Bowl. I laughed when I read Maxine say that her idea of a Super Bowl is a self-cleaning toilet. Who doesn’t agree? Football fans wait all year to see who will earn the prestigious Super Bowl Event–what an event it is too! The commercials are not to be missed. Halftime shows are an unknown–we could list things that have happened here. Typically, the halftime show is not what we tune in to watch. We might do our chores and come back to the game later. (Haha)

In honor of today’s event, I went searching the archives to find some football photos. Most of these Weimaraners are wearing college attire. It works –right!?!

Sunday Photos

~ And a couple of video clips

As I have mentioned here and there–the Atti X Martee litter exited, so now we hope their family will stay in touch and share snippets here and there. But here are a few moments just before their departure–the little wiggle-butts.

And at the Vet Office

–not that long ago.

And now, their ever expanding world continues. Some have fur family members and a couple are the only pup in the household. So, the journey begins, and it remains to be seen what they can achieve.

What’s Behind?

The Photo Shoot

~ or the glamor photos as I like to call them

A lot happens behind the scenes. The pups in this photo shoot are three-weeks-old.  They are not willing participants. We are not professional photographers. We have decent equipment–thank goodness. We take a lot of photos to get a few we consider good enough to post for the weekly update. Cliff and Christina run the camera. Sometimes there is puppy whispering involved or mollycoddling too. The pups see and hear so we make noise and try to get them to look at the camera–the result is often something entirely different.


Eventually, We Get Something Like This

Please Note: These are not current pups available for placement. They are pictures from a previous photo shoot.

Making Magic

A behind the scenes Look

Terri Jacobson and her crew are nothing short of amazing. They make it look easy, right?




Oscar’s viewpoint…..

IMAG0265What the Weimaraner sees, says a lot about you! Do you ever wonder what they are thinking? We know they are mulling their situation over; but to what end?

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Words whisper, whereas photos can elicit a strong reaction–even shout at you! Here is Oscar’s story in a few pictures. Do you think he is cherished?

A Personal Note from OwyheeStar

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Good Morning Weimlovers!

Cliff and Shela are beginning their day–its a Friday. Many of you who work a Monday-Friday work-week, turn cartwheels and shout from the roof top TGIF. Fridays are important to other folks too. Even if you work on Saturday and Sunday, certain things only happen over the weekend. You know what we mean. Everyone has their interests and involvements–games, church, and family activities to mention a few that are often associated with the weekend.

Weekend Weimaraners or anytime works…

Cliff and I are privy to a variety of photos depicting varied activities that include the Weimaraner. It is troubling if we visit a client’s Facebook page and there is no sign of their OwyheeStar Weimaraner to be found. We think you know what we mean. The Weimaraner is an integral part of the family structure. They simply do not work as a leave in the back yard on-demand buddy. Some breeds are perfectly happy living like that, but that doesn’t describe our beloved Weimaraner. Those of us who know them the best, understand that if there was a way to enable them to climb under our skin, it would make many a Weim happy. A few Weims are a bit more independent, but more often than not they are prone to separation-anxiety, and find it difficult to be away from their beloved humans. However, some folks manage to raise the Weimaraner so that he or she at a minimum copes with their absence, and in some settings he or she is more than happy for the interaction with other dogs.

Is Weimaraner a synonym for Quirky?

Managing the ins and outs of the Weimaraner can be perplexing. They do have a set of quirks, and it is not always the same across the board package of oddities. These wonderful creatures make us laugh, and sometimes make us cry. In many cases, we may find ourselves laughing so hard it brings tears of joy. Nonetheless, the relationship we share is beyond explanation. With those thoughts in mind, we find it necessary to watch out for the pups we raise. We also admit to being a bit selfish about wanting to hear the good stuff. It is a real bummer not to hear from someone for eight years, and then to hear their Weim did something naughty or died. At the same time, we realize many people want to get  a Weim, and not have any strings attached. That makes what happens here even more amazing. So many of you write at least once a year. These notes are not meant to reach out for help, but to tell a story, share news, and tell us how you overcame an obstacle. We cannot tell you what that means to us. Beyond that, the photos and news make this blog possible. We thank you, but countless others from around the world that enjoy reading about your Weimaraner also appreciate your update.  Therefore, we wanted to stop and write a personal note of thanks to all you who have made so much possible. Thank you doesn’t cover it, but hopefully it goes a long way toward making you feel appreciated.

~In Appreciation, Shela and Cliff (OwyheeStar Weimaraners)

PS: If you have not been privy to the website changes being made, there are new things on the horizon. The old addresses will work (for the most part) — except for the special page links. We apologize in advance for the frustration and confusion. In the end, we believe you will agree the changes are a plus. The blog (where you are reading this post) is not changing. The changes are happening only on the websites. The new OwyheeStar website is functional. You can check it out if you wish —

PPS: Cliff and Shela hope you enjoy the slide show located at the top of this post (featuring a few OwyheeStar photos). If you and your Weimaraner are not included, maybe we can grab your photo next time. Send us a new batch of photos (along with a short note) and we will do our best to post an update. :O)