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~OwyheeStar’s Special Delivery

She was approaching sixteen candles when she suddenly departed planet earth–these photos were taken during her last romp. It was Spring 2017, and what a legacy she left. Her DNA is weaved throughout the OwyheeStar lineages–what a girl she was–we are so thankful for the time we had together.

Happy Birthday Deli

She is 13 Years Old Today!

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Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Deli!

These photos of Deli (and Cliff) were taken last spring. As you can see, she is still spry. No one can guess how long their Weimaraner will live. Deli is doing excellent. We hope this continues on for her. Many of you would find her in your pedigree. For a girl who produced several litters, she is in incredibly great health. We had to have a benign tumor removed in 2012. That was the only hiccup in the path so far. Isn’t she grand? By the way, her actual name is OwyheeStars Special Delivery. “Deli” is her call name.