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~Spunk and Snuggles

We just love Kenai more and more each day.  He’s a little adventurer,  and a great combination of spunk and snuggle. Casey has been working on his beginning hunting training – introducing him to birds and gunshots.  He’s been doing fantastic!

His vet cleared him to start exploring more,  and to go camping! So last week we headed up to Olympic National Park,  and then down the coast, stopping in Astoria for a night before heading home.  He wasn’t able to go everywhere in the national park,  of course,  but there were a few dog-friendly areas to explore,  and meet new people.  He loved it! Here’s a few shots taken on our trip.

Kaylen and Casey

Breeder Comment

Cliff and I are so delighted to receive your report. What a fun adventure. Thanks for the hard work–keep it up. You are off to a fabulous beginning.

Maizie is Amazingly smart!

I spoke a bit too soon…

Maizie is almost 19 months old.  She is so darn smart!  She knows that I am “Linda” and that Jerry is “Jerry” and she knows the names of special other people in her life.  Here is an adorable video for you to enjoy.  This was yesterday.  I’ll set the scene.  My mom, “Grandma,” our son, “Andy” and Andy’s Doberman “Dio” were coming over for dinner.  I made the mistake of telling Maizie too soon!  Here was her immediate reaction!  😉