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~15 Candles –beyond special


I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that Greta (Deli x Zeke) turns 15 today! She is incredibly healthy besides some significant arthritis and weakness in her hind legs, and lots of lumps. She still climbs on the couch, eats food off the counter, and sprints after the UPS truck. She’s been a love of a dog, sweet and protective of the kids, and fiercely loyal.


Breeder Comment

Oh my gosh — we are thrilled that Greta is celebrating 15 candles. The last time she was featured on the blog was her 5th birthday (unless I am missing something). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I remember vividly the first time we spoke so many years ago. You were preparing to graduate and to move across the country. I wondered how we would make it all work–but then this.


~Spunk and Snuggles

We just love Kenai more and more each day.  He’s a little adventurer,  and a great combination of spunk and snuggle. Casey has been working on his beginning hunting training – introducing him to birds and gunshots.  He’s been doing fantastic!

His vet cleared him to start exploring more,  and to go camping! So last week we headed up to Olympic National Park,  and then down the coast, stopping in Astoria for a night before heading home.  He wasn’t able to go everywhere in the national park,  of course,  but there were a few dog-friendly areas to explore,  and meet new people.  He loved it! Here’s a few shots taken on our trip.

Kaylen and Casey

Breeder Comment

Cliff and I are so delighted to receive your report. What a fun adventure. Thanks for the hard work–keep it up. You are off to a fabulous beginning.

George adjusts, and learns the ropes


Did you have any luck finding out where you purchased the pink ball toy? I found one similar to it on ebay and he had it destroyed in 5 minutes! I know you felt bad that it was a pink ball, but we really liked it.

Breeder’s Note: No, we cannot find another ball like that one. It seemed to be the best toy we had for George (as he was a bit older by the time he left OwyheeStar). Too bad he destroyed your new find in five minutes. He must have enjoyed it, but the joy was short-lived.

George_on_couchWe continue to do well. George is a great dog but he needs a lot of training. He hates the rain and has changed his potty behavior to soiling in the house. Yuk.

Breeder’s Note: Although the Weimaraner is a wonderful companion, they are also challenging. One wrong turn can create a wealth of issues. The ONLY way it works, as far as we have ever seen, is for the owner/handler to start the journey, and to work through the issues as they arise. These critters will find every weak spot, and push every button. It is nothing personal. It is their way. They are not for the person who doesn’t get them. Hopefully, George will realize soiling in the house is not pleasing to you, and he will want to comply with your wishes more than not. We are big on freedom is earned. Opportunity to do things can get the Weimaraner into trouble, and all too soon lead to behavior issues. It only takes fourteen days to forge a habit.

He was neutered about 10 days ago and the surgery was uneventful. He is recovering nicely.George_camping

Now we just have to do something with all of his ENERGY 🙂

Breeder’s Note: Yes, they have a lot of energy–two speeds (on and off). Sometimes I think of it as full speed ahead rather than ‘on’. They keep us active.

I hope that you and Cliff are doing well.