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Ready for bed, can you find me?

Jorga Early 2017Toys, toys, anyone bones and frisbee to sell/ shareIMG_0010



Christmas Magic

Helping MaMa

     ~Jorga’s perfect helping mode

img_1187“Shhh, Papa doesn’t know Mommy put me in his chair while she packs Christmas boxes.  Last night it was so cluttered I had to nap in my kennel?!”

Featured Weimaraner — Jorga

Jorja First Snow Dec 2012Breeder’s Note: Jorga lives in Belgium. You might remember Jorga’s Aunt Arleen (Vancouver, WA) who is owned by Arliss. Jorga owns her sister and lives with her family in Belgium, where she is busy with family duties on every side. Recently, she experienced her first snow, but the big event was her nabbing the mole. Here is what Eileen wrote:

Eileen writes–my house keeper left this for me.

It says “Jorja killed this”. next photo

Mole TwoMole OneArlette (the housekeeper) was braver than me. It would have been hidden under a box or Tupperware saying dead thing under.  I would have never touched it.

But Jorja did get big praise for it, so much she wanted more of it 😉

Ken was VERY happy.  He said it was the granddaddy of them all–at least 7 inches.

More from OwyheeStar:  Yes, Weims will bring you a treasure. Ken and Eileen appreciated her getting this vermin for them. Some folks do not appreciate the Weimaraner’s hunting talents. Feral critters should not mess with them. Their luck may run out.