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    ~From Fellig

Fellig Parcel-6

Fellig Parcel-5In all the flurry of yesterday, the mail arrived. The yellow parcel gave me a clue right from the start that it was something spectacular. The bump as well as the return address another clue.

A lovely commissioned Blue Weimaraner ‘Fellig’ pin. Isn’t it just adorable? What else would I expect from the extraordinarily talented Fellig Mama–Jill.

Thank you, Fellig and Jill for the lovely crafted pin. I am speechless!

Also–you might note that Fellig’s Mama was the lovely Zula Blue. She is retired–I am hoping to find her the perfect Golden Year Placement where she gets lavished with the good stuff. If you happen to be seriously interested in her, please drop me an Email. It would be in her best interest and we are looking for a win-win situation. Thanks!

Featured Weimaraner — Lyra

Picking up Lyra

Lyra as younger pup, at OwyheeStar

Lyra at four weeks

So I picked her up easily from the airport, and on the drive home she started to fuss a little, so I took her to get some air, exercise, and relieve herself. She went potty and walked around, so I put her back in her crate (easy) and we drove home. I fed her a bit around 6, but other than that, she’s just been drinking water and hanging out.

Having Fun with Lyra

We went to a big field and she ran around with me, chasing me when I’d run away from her, and overall she’s been really energetic. She hasn’t made much noise, and she’s been following me around wherever I go. she fell asleep on me a couple times and is just so cute. She’s really adventurous and has been wandering around and seems quite happy!

I’m so excited to raise her and get to know her 🙂

I have chosen her name based on her personality!

Lyra in AZ

Lyra in Arizona

I’ve named her Lyra of Lyra Silvertongue from the Golden Compass series. She has the same personality, and it is one of my favorite books! They also have the same eyes 🙂

Note if you have read the series, here is one description of her character: Lyra is described as having blue eyes, along with being short for her age and quite thin but is still quite attractive. She is brave, curious, and crafty.

Breeder’s Note: OwyheeStar wants to thank Haley ( who is a vet student at Washington State University in Pullman, WA) for recommending us to Lyra’s new best friend (or owner). Many people find us through other OwyheeStar Weimaraner owners. Referrals are important, and we really appreciate them. Thank you Haley (and several of your friends) for sending prospective forever puppy home clients to us!