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Luna is an amazing girl, and a great addition to my life, and I ended up naming her luna. She’s definitely a handful but, she’s super sweet and great motivation to keep me active lol

I am also starting to think about getting a second pup for a good companion for luna. I’m curious about a blue long haired. How rare are they and how long of a wait for one?

Breeder Comment

We were so happy to get this update on Luna. We look forward to working with you in the not too distant future. Have a beautiful summer!

Featured Weimaraner — Max

A Bird Dog

A Bird Dog

Max has really grown a lot!

Just wanted to share some pictures of Max with you. He’s growing like a champ, his retrieving skills are incredible and he lives to swim and fetch in the water!!!!

WP_000178He is a wonderful smart puppy.

Max (August 2012)WP_000228WP_000237WP_000269