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Featured Weimaraners — Clyde and Luke

Clyde is happy with tub; Luke prefers the shower

Luke follows Clyde

Luke follows Clyde

The boys are going strong…..  Clyde still loves swimming in the ocean (although I keep the ball in close to shore these days) but Luke isn’t so sure he likes it which probably explains why he prefers showers over baths while Clyde is happy to plop down in the tub.

Warm Baths and a Good Lesson 

I have hooked up hot water in the garage now so I just hose them down in the garage and they sit in the sun to dry while watching me wash the car on weekends, a fun event and one that reinforces their willingness to sit still while watching the various packs dogs on their way to the park.

The boys don’t share the same eating area….

As Luke get a bit more vocal and dominant, Clyde has become more protective of his turf, especially his food. =I’ve taken to feeding them in separate rooms but insist they share the same water bowl as it there is only one room in the house without  hardwood.

photo (3)

We love these guys and dread the day Clyde decides to leave Luke in charge. He will be 11 in 3 months but other than being a bit senior at times still seems to be enjoying life and love.

Featured Weimaraner — Bayou

IMG_3107Her name is Bayou. 🙂

It was Mardi Gras yesterday and I was born in Louisiana so it seemed to fit. Oh, and of course the song “Blue Bayou”.


She’s here! 🙂 looks even more beautiful in person


Stopped for a little break on the way home. 

She met my family and they all loved each other. She also met my family’s Weim and they got on great.


She passed out and is snoring. 🙂