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2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~January 5, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Locally winter thus far has not dropped much snow in and around Ontario. We have had a few fleeting snowstorms, but unlike in the surrounding mountains, we do not have snow cover. There is still talk that we could see snow–better snow than bitter cold.

We are all watching and waiting for Marshal’s to move in next to WareMart (by WinCo). Our Ontario shopping experience will have another option. Since Kmart left us, we have Walmart, Maurices, and the farm store for other than men’s clothing. There are a couple other options–but they serve a specialized clientele. Many of us shop online, or we travel towards Boise. The Marshals grand opening should not be too far in the future–they are remodeling the middle slice of the old Kmart building.


Kimber at home in Western Oregon

This week the last of Dixie’s babies left. Yesterday we met Grace at the airport with Bella Rae. Thursday Cliff met Roger with CW. Both of these families flew in as I alluded to here. Grace from New Jersey and Roger from Salt Lake City–Bella Rae will join her two OwyheeStar Blue brothers (Taun and Bacchus). This is Roger’s second OwyheeStar. Unfortunately, Melvin crossed over the rainbow bridge before CW could arrive home. A few days earlier most of the litter joined their families. Kimber’s parents dropped us the adorable photo and wrote, “Thank you both so much for all the time and effort you put into these pups! “Kimber” is just getting used to things around here!” Honestly, we make friends with the best people on the face of the earth.  

This Week On the Blog…

We continue to marvel at your kindness –keeping us apprised on the OwyheeStar happenings in your lives. (Hurrah–we are blessed indeed!)

Sunday— December 30 — Off to a Good Start

Monday–- December 31 — New Year Resolutions

Tuesday — January 1 — From our Home to Yours

Wednesday — January 2 — Second Christmas (Dash)

Thursday –- January 3 — Moxie and Mama (Bird Hunting)

Friday — January 4 — 7 Steps to Success (a repost)

On a very personal note

Cliff and I have found our New Year busier than the typical one. We have had a litter exit as well as a litter arrival. Then too–our delayed family Christmas finally happened Sunday. There was a lot crammed into very little space. That makes for no opportunity to be bored, right? Honestly, I can remotely remember boredom. (Haha) It is not a thing for us.

Cliff did not get the opportunity to hunt elk. The stars would not align–either there was not the time, the conditions were not cooperating, or his hunting partner was desperately ill. He plans to get in some bird hunting. Tomorrow we celebrate his birthday–and all he does for this family. Early next week he checks in with his Oncologist/Hematologist for bloodwork and such. We hope his numbers remain as they have been–Grade One.

I plan to tuck in some socialization–a few friends to catch up with soon. I also plan to enroll at Treasure Valley Community College and join Lynda in making some more pottery. We need to register this week. So, we begin the new year much like the last–making the most of the opportunities, and trying to manage our health issues. I feel as if things are going well for us. Cliff and I sincerely hope it is much the same for you.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

Saturday at Owyheestar

DSC01974December proper arrived. The Christmas decorations do not feel out of place. It is hard to swallow Christmas without passing Thanksgiving. Today, it seems more like we have traveled to Western Oregon. The rain is coming down in sheets. The ground is saturated. We are wanting to get out for a walk with the pups, but the weather is not cooperating.

We have part of our Christmas decorations up. The Weims have not seen anything that interests them that much. (Can I say perfect?) I was in the process of painting the front door when things went south. Spring will see it off the hinges, and a meeting with the sander. More paint until it looks like we think it should. In the meantime, we will enjoy the holiday friendly color.

7_Sadie X Stack Discovery and Placement-51We have been busy with the pups, and all that is associated with them. The grand kids like the longhairs the best. They love them all, but they openly admit they favor the longhairs. It is true across the board–all of them. They ask for a longhair adult if we don’t have any longhair puppies.

4_Sadie X Stack Discovery and Placement (71)No puppy is left behind. Who doesn’t love a puppy? Nobody I would find close to my heart. The same is true of a person who doesn’t love dogs; alternatively, for that matter, critters.

Cliff and I firmly believe they make us humans better. Without them, we are found lacking. Some folks find themselves in a place where they cannot have a companion for a season. Often, we receive notes bemoaning the months, or years they have had to be without a Weimaraner. Sometimes it is a living, or life-situation which prevents the addition of a pet. Other times, it is the grieving process. There is no appropriate time to grieve. We are each unique. It is what it is–a personal matter.

This Week

A special thanks to those that sent us an update this week. It takes a lot of photos, and information to keep this going 7 days a week. Nonetheless, people seem to enjoy it; it is worth doing! We had a mix of blogs this week. There were two very special hunter updates; a Christmas report, Snow and Siena, Roo at the Ocean, and we ended on a sad note. I drug my feet all week. It was hard to write the final blog; however, it was important. We simply forget that something can snatch them away from us in a blink of an eye. Here are this week’s links for your convenience.

Sunday November 30  — Decorating for Christmas (Lucy helps)

Monday December 1 — Thanksgiving Day Hunt

Tuesday December 2 – G2 Nets Birds

Wednesday December 3 — Siena

Thursday  December 4 — Wendy and Roo

Friday  December 5 — An Unthinkable Loss Cuts Deep

On a very personal note……

Cliff and I continue to battle the weather, and all associated with the muck of this very wet December. Previously, we had the sub-zero weather which presented a different challenge. The holidays, the weather, and my heath situation are another challenge. With the impending treatment, it was a good thing to get a flu shot. Honestly, it has proven to be other than that. Since then, I have had the flu-bug twice. I still battle the after-effect of the second bout. The wet weather is something I cannot tolerate. The humidity coupled with congestion (after the flu/cold) have left me wondering if I am headed for bronchitis. I may be forced to go to the Doc-in-the-Box today. I am sure we will get through this, but it is nothing, if not challenging for the both of us.

My cancer treatment is on hold until I feel better. I refuse to start without seeing improvement. That is a bummer. I am anxious to get started so that we can see the end to the treatments. Thank goodness, Cliff is not ill this second time–it is only me. My immune system has taken a hit. I am doing what I need to help get better; it takes time. We still have to take care of the puppies, the Weims, and do what needs to be done every day.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share.

At Home

photoMurphy is making himself at home!