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Hello Friends,

     ~Something to Make You Smile

IMG_2782I am working down the Wait List as Dixie delivered last Tuesday. It is probably the reason we are dragging a bit. She opted to have one of those all-night whelp situations. Sadly, we lost one of the ten pups–OwyheeStar mortality rates are generally low, but it is unrealistic to think you can save every puppy born. We were saddened. We quickly focused on the nine gorgeous, healthy pups. They continue to thrive. Click Here to view the photos we took of the pups on Day One.

Typically, all our pups are promised before they arrive. It is not the case this time for a multitude of reasons–primarily, people want what we didn’t get, or it doesn’t fit into their timeframe. There you have it! We know how little control we have. We rejoice in each arrival despite it not being what we might need for our waiters. What can I say?

9 Dixie X Boone 2018 Day1-12At this point we have not promised any pups–but no doubt the two Silver Gray Females will go to someone on the Wait List. We have several families waiting for either a Gray or a Silver Gray Female. Some are hoping for a Gray or Silver Male. It is a process to work through the Wait List and discuss with each person along the way. I will probably be putting out the word that we have Blue pups available, and that we are accepting applications.

I know we will get a lot of requests for a Christmas puppy. Those that know me best, know I rarely think that is a good idea. We won’t go into the reasons, but if you know the breed, then you understand. These pups would be ready to leave on January 1st. I am not sure exactly how the departure will shake out–but probably on that weekend or the weekend after depending upon road conditions and what we can get scheduled. Honestly, I think that is the perfect time to get the Christmas puppy–after the holiday hoopla is over.

Five Years

~ With Thunder

I wanted to share these moments of Thunder over the last five years

Martinez Thunder_5696731917177585664_n

From the first day, we picked Thunder up until today, is one of the best decisions we ever made. Owyheestar has made a positive change in our lives. We love our boy ~ Saby

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to see how Thunder is an integral part of the family as well as a Versatile Hunting Companion. Thanks for thinking of us.



Stackhouse Supervising Greenhouse Development-5

When projects happen, Stackhouse goes to work. He is not quite sure Cliff has it right, but he is doing as told–staying in the Gator. Since Dad is distracted it would be a great time to sneak off and check out any number of things–the bird pens, the cats, or to dig in search of a gopher.

Good Boy, Stackhouse!


First Snow


No Snow Here

Kaizer experienced his first snow this last week, he had to stop almost every 20 feet on walks to stop and take a bite of it.  it was very comical to watch him wipe out repeatedly when he would try to chase his ball outside.

Christmas With the Gray Ghost

Surprisingly he didn’t destroy the tree or eat any ornaments and only once did I catch him proudly walking around with one of the wrapped gifts in his mouth.  when it came time to open his little gift he attacked with such ferocity that all the camera could catch was a blur.  Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

                                                            -Pete and Kaiser — Idaho
“Looking Innocent and for the most part, I am.” “Woof!”

Breeder Comment

Isn’t it interesting he has his gift? You did well to capture a blurred photo. Thanks! There were several Facebook Posts where the Weimaraner got their present–didn’t touch the others. Then too–there were rumors of those who pilfered without preference at the tree. Some liking to unwrap the gifts more than anything. Others left the tree alone but not by choice.

We have not heard of any Weims eating Christmas Tree Limbs or goodies that sent them to the Emergency. For that, we are exceedingly glad. The fact the young Kaiser is doing so well speaks volumes about your work with him. Keep it up! We look forward to reading about his birding experience. Thanks for thinking of us!

The End of an Era

First, it Was Dusty,

           ~Then it Was Blue

Acquiring the Blue Stud at OwyheeStar spoke to the future of our breeding program. Not just any Blue Weim would do. Thank you, Blue for the extraordinary performance.


It is hard to believe that Blue is nearing the end of his Stud Dog career. We may get a few more pups with him, but nothing is for certain. He is nine years old, and the era doesn’t go on forever. So many of you have a pup from a litter sired by him. He brought a lot to the mix. His body structure is perfectly balanced. His temperament is mild and manageable. He wasn’t the outstanding hunter that we have in Stackhouse; however, he could hunt well. If you have a Blue-sired pup, you will appreciate him in the limelight.


Out and About

With Dusty


Dusty At the SanctuaryIt has been a long hard winter at OwyheeStar. Most of you know the snow was piled high and the remaining meltdown lasted until early March. The snow was not user-friendly–Cliff got some snowshoed which helped, but later it was nothing but a slick wet surface that was not conducive to travel. Therefore, exercise was limited.

Dusty At the Sanctuary-2Dusty had the best romp since late last fall a couple of days ago. He made a trip to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary (the natural unfarmed corner of our property). Our Original Blue Boy also got a chance to swim in the pond. We didn’t capture photos, but he enjoyed the water.Dusty At the Sanctuary-3

Nose to Ground–there have been birds and other critters here.

Dusty At the Sanctuary-4

At twelve-and-a-half years of age, he is still looking good. One never knows how long one of the extraordinary soul-buddies will remain with us. Each moment is precious. So many of you have Dusty in your pup’s lineage. We are positive you would like to see him doing well.

2017 14th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~ Sleet, Snow, and Whatnot

Frost_5517The fickle spring weather continues. Mr. Winter insists on imposing his will. Yesterday, in the Treasure Valley as well as the Pacific Northwest, the winter-like weather made an appearance. We didn’t get the snow at OwyheeStar. Not far from here it made an appearance, and the moans of many could be heard. The frost was considerable earlier too!

Hay_5520The alfalfa looks good. Before long we will be irrigating and filling the pond for a puppy swim. Spring is such a fun time. Cliff also uses our pond to train for his hunt tests. He is preparing for one coming up the first weekend of May. Our homing pigeons flew the coop this winter. It has been a strange winter, and there is an outright pigeon shortage among those who use them for dog training. Rose (who lives at Emmett) parted with a few to help us get another start. Cliff brought them home this week. They are young, but we still have them locked in. They have to identify with their new location being their home, or they would try to fly back to Emmett. The beautiful thing about the homers is you can use them for training, and then they fly back to the nest.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you!

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On a very personal note

Evie Galoushes9086Cliff and I want to wish everyone all the best for Easter. We are more traditional in our approach to the holiday–thinking of it as Resurrection Sunday. Yes, we are aware of the history behind the Goddess of Easter. No, we are not against Easter Egg hunts and baskets. How you celebrate is a personal matter. This year, we bought the two great-granddaughters galoshes. Evangeline Grace (Evie) got the Princess Rain Boots. She has been stomping in every mud puddle she can find. River has the traditional yellow type, but they look perfect on her.
Cliff continues to work on the utility bath. He is doing the floor in sections. Who can say if another will be completed today, or not?!? It is coming together.

I am doing better healthwise. That being said, I still cough way too much, and there is a lot of phlegm. Every day is a bit better. The recovery speed is not fast enough to my liking. I am looking for the miracle where “poof” it is gone instantly. If that comes, I pledge to remember how thankful I am for instant relief. If not, I will continue taking it a day at a time. It is hardest on Cliff–there is nothing he can do. He has to watch and listen and suffer along. Anyhow, it is a lot better. I have a way to go. I am hoping for a full recovery soon.




Leo after the Neuter


Leo did get altered. Last time I updated you on Leo, we talked about the timing, etc. As per the after procedure advice–keeping the Weim down is laughable. This big boy is way too excited and playful! Doesn’t even act like he had surgery!

And here’s a photo of him in the underwear we tried to put on him to protect his stitches. They didn’t last long overnight in his crate! But I thought the far off glance of embarrassment was worth the photo!:) goofy boy!

OwyheeStar Week Forty 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon!

     ~ Hello October 2016

14324542_10208703010987359_5709960139658077403_oThe celebration of October begins. Football season is in full swing too! That means Weimar fans have dug out the team attire. The computer snafu means I lost my folder with all the great team attired Weimaraners. We still have this one of LuLu saying, “What do you mean Romo is out again?” She is engaged in whatever the family does and clearly they are fans of America’s Football Team (as it is called). 

Hunting is in the air too! We already received some Idaho reports (such as Best Dog Ever) of successful hunts. Washington and Oregon seasons are opening soon too. I believe Cliff alerted me that next Saturday is the opening weekend for pheasant hunting. Not everyone wants to hear about the hunting of birds; however, the Weimaraner is a versatile hunting dog. Bird hunting done right is good for the bird population, and when the kill is used for food, it is a responsible hunting practice. Historically the fall hunting netted a lot of meat for the freezer. Over the years, we have enjoyed elk, venison, upland game birds, and waterfowl.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today! Friday’s blog (Weim Talk) sparked some lively banter on Facebook and netted a couple of blog comments. Nevertheless, the heartrending loss of Sadie being reported on Thursday evoked compassion for her family and their loss. It was good to have the upbeat post directly the news of the very sad loss. Other posts celebrated our life with the Weimaraner and included some information on ‘nooking‘ as well as a special outing. Every week we get at least one note that talks about how much someone enjoys reading about other people’s Weims. Thank you again for making this possible!

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Friday  —September 30 — Weim Talk

On a very personal note

This week I mentioned many times that I have to get some touch up painting done. This project includes the trim around our entry. The week is running out, and I am trying to get there. I promised Cliff it would happen this morning. The big rush is the weather is not going to cooperate much longer. I see Cliff has set out the paint for me. What a guy!?!

The exterior needs attention. Nonetheless, there are many areas inside the farmhouse which still need our attention. The degree of work needed varies from needing a little finish work to being a gutted room. Our kitchen is functioning but the lower cabinets are shells (or maybe more aptly boxes), and we have put in some shelving to make them work for now. I am not sure when I will get the real counter top. The material is sitting at RTP Construction awaiting our go ahead. I try not to get my hopes up as I think it will be at least spring by the time we can work on it, but who can say?

Cliff is still working on the puppy yard fencing, adjustments to the shop power and water, and numerous other must do before winter projects. Yesterday, he got the wheel lines out of the field. This Saturday morning; however, Cliff is off to Men’s breakfast. He doesn’t get to do that all that often. They have it the first Saturday of each month. Stackhouse is not amused that he left without him, but he is not a licensed Therapy Dog. (Lol) Sometimes it is beyond explaining why he cannot go with Cliff.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. We can fill in a bit when necessary; however, we like to keep the integrity of your writing real. A couple of sentences can go a long way–sometimes it is enough. Those that have sent us updates know we are more than likely to post it word-for-word. 

There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing!

Cliff and Shela back to back0134

Featured Weimaraner — Minka

Minka is doing great!

Michael, Minka, and Bella

Michael, Minka, and Bella

She is such a great dog loves to hunt and retrieve.

Minka learned to Back Bella on Point...

Minka learned to Back Bella on Point…

She even backs my older dog bella with very little training.

Minka Rests after a long day's work

Minka Rests after a long day’s work

Her and Bella are attached to my hip all day on the farm.

Just this past Sunday we were down at the ocean walking them on the beach and swimming in the surf they love it.  Hope all is well and I’m sure Doc will feel the same about Samson. ~ Mike

Breeder’s Note: Samson (Lacee X Dusty) 2012–was the only silver gray smooth coat in Lacee’s litter. You might also remember that Champion Willow (Lacee X Dusty 2011) who just netted her title, 1st in Gun Dog, and Best in Show was one of two smooth-coat grays born in 2011. We expect Samson to make us equally proud in the field, and with the good doctor’s clients.

Minka at the beach

Minka at the beach