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This is Daniel Thor’s dad. I hope you and Cliff are doing very well.

Thor has grown so much and is doing so well. We were wondering if you wanted to use him as a stud because we have been getting so many comments about how pretty and good looking he is.

We are asking before we plan to fix him. But would be open to breeding him if you want to.

Breeder Comment

We agree that Thor is lovely. Thank you, Daniel, for the excellent update and asking us about using Thor as a Stud Dog. We don’t breed back to the same lineage–it is how we have done things forever. Thor is related to all our females– we weave the DNA through the OwyheeStar line. Breeding rights for anyone wondering are spelled out at the top of this page (click here) to read more.

Schatzi is a good fit


Schatzi’s bedtime story

We are enjoying our sweet pup and she seems to be adjusting well to her new home.  She has a delightful disposition; well matched for our family.  This is our 2 year old pretending to read Schatzi a book called ‘I’ll teach my dog a lot of words.’ Schatzi is already asleep. 🙂Shatzi uses the lion's share of the bed.

Schatzi shares with Ginger too!

Schatzi shares the bed with her bigger hairy sister,  Ginger.  They are getting along very well.

We are considering raising a litter…

We have a question about the AKC certificate.  It indicates that her offspring are not eligible for registration.  We wanted to better understand this notation.  If we decided to have Schatzi breed later, can we register her puppies?

Breeder’s Comment: Thank you for the update on Schatzi. We are thrilled you love her so much, and that she is a good fit for your family. We take pride in what we do. Getting it right is not a small thing to us. There will be ups and downs in the days ahead, but we are positive she will be a good girl for you. Thank you for asking about the breeding rights. We are going to take this opportunity to discuss our policy. 

All our information is clear about our intent to sell our pups on Limited AKC (without breeding rights). The Terms of Sale clearly define this agreement, as does the Breeding Rights Page at the top blog (and the client information website). We don’t want hard feelings. Our reasoning is multifaceted; however, imagine if everyone who  got a pup from us wanted to raise a litter? It would be a disaster. It is the breeder’s duty to protect the breed. Certain hunt breeds (with other than AKC Registration, such as  the Deutsch-Drahthaar) manage breeding rights in a different manner. The Drahthaar is bred to a strict set of breed standards, which require testing in both ability and conformation before the dogs are allowed to be bred. We are not an expert on the Drahthaar, but you can click on the link and read more about the breed, and their requirements.

The American Labrador is the most popular breed in America. In the case of the Labrador, sadly, it has been easier to acquire breeding rights. Many claim this has led to poor breeding practices. Many serious Labrador breeders are working to improve the breed. Labrador breeders of the best kind are not readily giving out breeding rights either. 

The Weimaraner is not a breed that is easy to raise; it requires dedication to the breed to raise a quality Weimaraner. Breeding rights are shared with those of a like-mind; however, we cannot endorse someone who is wanting to breed their pet. We get more inquiries from folks looking for a mate (in order to breed their pet Weimar) than you can imagine. As it is, the Weimaraner rescue sees too many Weims. That being said, we are thrilled that people are happy with their OwyheeStar Weimaraner. We have spent years, countless dollars, and an endless amount of effort to get where we are today. The relationships we have forged are invaluable too. That pretty much sums up the short version, but please check out the Breeding Rights Page; there is some invaluable information posted there too!