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~My Sweet Girl

I hope you are well. I got my beautiful Bella from Owyheestar back in April 2014. She is the love of my life. If I recall correctly Bella’s parents were Livee x Blue. Bella had a sister named Ruby who looks exactly like Bella. I sometimes wonder if they are twins. Bella is such a wonderful companion. Her personality is very sweet, calm and loving. We run together almost every morning.  

I used to have two weims (both passed away some time ago) and always knew I wanted a second. As I was visiting your website today I saw you have two longhairs available. I’ve always wanted a longhair. I was wondering if they were still available. I would be very interested in learning more about them. I can complete an application but thought the first step would be to see if they were still available.  

One quick story. Bella and I were hiking at Smith Rock State Park and came across another blue weim. We stopped and chatted and the owners said they also received their weim from you. Blue was the father but they had a different mother. I was so happy to run into another weim from Owyheestar.

At Eagle Crest –March 10th

Thanks so much!

Breeder Comment

There are quite a few OwyheeStar Weimaraners around the Pacific Northwest. It is always fun to have a chance encounter with another one. There is the group of Weimlovers who meet in Salem once a month–quite a few OwyheeStar’s typically are there.

We look forward to working with you as this process unfolds. Thanks for your loyalty.


She’s Growing

Just an update on our girl! She’s growing like a weed and learning new commands every week. We decided to bell train her for potty time and shes mastered that pretty quick! Currently working on “leave it” and “stay.” She’s making lots of people friends and her and her older brother (6yr Yorkie) play a rowdy game of Tug of War almost daily. If she’s not playing you can usually find her lounging on the couch or sleeping on someone’s chest. 

Happy updates, Angel and Jake

Breeder Comment

Dear Angel and Jake–we love hearing how Pepper is adjusting. Also, it is fabulous that she is making a lot of friends, Thank you –for remembering us.


~ We Celebrate 5 Years in December

Just wanted to send the yearly photos of our Maggie who turned 5 12/19.  Still bringing us lots of happiness and joy!  Our boys love to get her all riled up when they hide her ball. Too bad their hiding skills are no match for her nose!  

We have also started to teach her how to find sheds.  She is so smart!  Anytime you say “let’s go” or “bird” or “duck” her ears perk right up.  She still loves to cuddle with the cat.  Phil and I can barely get our running shoes tied and she already is standing at the front door!    The neighbors think it is pretty cool that we have her hold her own leash on our walks……Can’t imagine our lives without her.

One more thing….we take her collar off at night and in the morning we tell her to “go get her clothes” and she brings us her collar….She’s so much fun!

Hope all is well with you!Phil and Gretchen

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for another update on Maggie and her life with you. She looks so happy–glad you love her so much.


She is  Beautiful and Treasured

photo 3Hello you guys!

We are loving Daisy. She is becoming difficult for Roger to train. We’re thinking about maybe calling in a professional. She’s still a wonderful girl. We just need to work on the biting &/or chewing.

The kids love her too. It’s hard to capture her. She moves around allot. These are the best pics I could capture. She’s healthy and her coat is beautiful. Daisy is a treasured part of our family:)

Thank you again for our beauty 🙂   ~ Alisa

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Breeder’s Comments: We are glad you love Daisy. You mention it is difficult for Roger to train her; we hope that the two of you are equally involved–presenting a united front. We have discovered if there is one of the two who can be exploited or manipulated–the Weimaraner will find a way. Raising these wonderful family members can pose many challenges, but as you well know the benefits are many. Nonetheless, they are manipulative (and beyond cunning). 

A trainer might be the answer. The right trainer can be very helpful with learning how to manage these behaviors. More than anything, the best trainers, are training humans to manage the situation in a positive manner. Honestly, not everyone’s approach is equally successful with this breed. Some trainers (and their methods) work better for different people. In general, all trainers have their style–and a bias. This can work in your favor, or against you. We have some pointers (which Jan shared) we hope to post in the (not-so-far) future. 

The methodology should be fun, and upbeat. That doesn’t mean there are no corrective measures ever, but the emphasis should not be on giving a correction. This is about good leadership skills. The best leaders lead by example, and inspiration. Again, that doesn’t mean a cookie-bribe approach is going to get rock-solid performance. Knowing when, how, and what kind of reward to use is something a good trainer can help you discover. If things are not going perfect, take a deep breath. This too shall pass if you don’t overreact, and move past the obstacle. Sometimes this means going back a step, and repeating a success. Build one success upon the other. Remember to keep it upbeat, fun, and positive. Always stop the current activity with a successful moment–not a correction, or disapproval.

 We hope this will be helpful. Frustration, or focusing on the problem is not the recommended method of getting past the problem.

Featured Weimaraner — Emma Blue

Puppy Class Graduation

Puppy Class Graduation

Training Emma Blue the Pet Store Way

We tried the Petstore puppy class…..Eh. It was great for socialization, and of course Emma learned all the commands in minutes (sit, down, stay, come, roll over, bow, crawl, etc)…but she would only do them for a treat because that was their training method. We went into the class not using treats, were convinced to use them, and now we are not using them anymore. We found that she became hyper-focused on the treat.

Another method of training for Emma Blue560178_10151414513747591_1764298751_n

At her six month birthday we started the Don Sullivan training you recommended….boy do I wish we would have started that from the get-go! We have seen miles of improvement, mainly on the walking nicely on a leash. Walks used to be daunting because of the pulling, and now they are a daily routine. She still pulls when we go to really exciting or new places (the feed store/a new hike, etc), but we just have to calm her down and let her know she has to listen even though she is excited 🙂 (Email us for more information on this system  — )

FetchKeeping Emma Retrieving

We also took his advice and worked harder on fetch. We like many other Weim owners found that she wasn’t really interested, or that she would do it 3 times and be done. It took me working on it as I hard as I was working on other commands like ‘come’ and ‘stay’ at all times of the day and just within the last few weeks it finally clicked for her. It has been a huge help being able to expend some of her energy by playing ball!

Emma is good at a lot of things...

Emma is good at a lot of things…