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My Pushkin

It has been a little while since I have sent an update on Pushkin. How can I resist this face of anticipation? Push loves to play fetch. As soon as we get up in the morning he has his ball in his mouth, even as he heads out the door to take care of his morning necessities. I can hardly remember what it is like to have a morning cup of coffee without having a ball dropped in my lap and Push waiting, rather impatiently, for me to toss it to him. He loves to catch it in mid-air.

Advanced Obedience Again

I have decided that we are going to take the advanced obedience class a second time, more for my benefit than for Push. When we took it previously I was in an orthopedic boot due to a broken foot. The foot has healed so maybe I can keep up with him this time. 

The Ease of it is not lost on me

I also want to let you know that when the local feed store closed down the in December, I decided to try Chewy to get the Diamond Naturals dog food. The food was actually a few dollars less from them. It was delivered as promised and in good condition. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Push is a high energy, stubborn, independent, and totally lovable boy. Thank you for such a great dog. ~Marie 

Breeder Comment

Hello Marie! Thank you, for the regular updates on you and your OwyheeStar Weims. We love the effort you have put into Pushkin’s training–even when you were challenged to keep up. You are a great Weimlover!

Readers–if you want to revisit the last Pushkin update–click here! If you don’t remember the backdrop to the earning of the certificate, you will want to take the time to read Marie’s story. I think it will put a smile on your face.

Sally Smart Pants

 Training for Agility… ???

Dick Reported: I saw this big pile of panels (47 of them along with connectors) at a yard sale.  I visulized making a little pen for Sally for the front room.  This little pen would have contained my Dobie even when she was an adult.  You can see how Sally handled the situation.  I then made it twice as high.  That worked until Gale put her little crate in there too.   Sally sized up the situation, had toke two or three tries to get on top of the crate and then just jumped out.

Breeder’s Note: Cliff and Dick had a discussion about Sally yesterday. There is no way to prepare for the Weimaraner’s arrival. Your first can be somewhat exhilarating, and at the same time a lot of other things. Trying to formulate an exact plan, or relying on previous experience, usually doesn’t work the way you think it would. It has been said that we don’t give enough information on “how-to” to do the actual training, etc. It is very difficult to tell someone exactly what to do. There are dynamics in play you might not expect. Everyone’s ability, living situation, and interaction will be a bit unique. This is true even when you have had the experience of living with one of these wonderful creatures before the pup arrives.

Dick’s description of what transpired next is a hoot. Sally did OK until his wife added the kennel. Sally hopped on top of the kennel, and subsequently on over the fence. These guys get an idea, and then they problem-solve to achieve their goal. This can apply to any number of varied scenarios. It is hard to put into words the chess-match than can occur, or the things which might happen. The saying goes that you cannot take the boy out of a man; you cannot take the pup out of the Weimar. Just because they grow old, doesn’t mean they stop being creative, and adventurous. They are pranksters of a special sort.