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Friendly Bart

~ His Voice and Tail make a Statement

Thank you for Bart, once more.  Bart will be two tomorrow, Feb. 5th and it has been a wonderful journey.  You made the perfect choice for us.  Bart has lots of friends both canine and human.He barks a lot but is otherwise awesome!  Cheers to you, Cliff, Christina and Atti X Stackhouse.Hope you are feeling better.

Dan, Polly & Bart

PS: Early AM Message

Bart & I shared an Old Fashioned doughnut with my mom, and dinner tonight is a bacon wrapped fillet..  An hour on the beach this morning and some play time with my friends…what a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday Bart!

Breeder Comment

Everyone wishes you many more excellent birthdays. You are an extraordinary Longhair OwyheeStar Ambassador. Thanks for everything –including the fabulous updates.

Bart’s Life

Most afternoons Dan & Bart nap.  Today’s photos are of Bart waking up from his nap.

Stay well! Dan, Polly & Bart

Breeder Comment

Who wouldn’t love to be Bart?

At the Oregon Coast with Zurie

We are in love. 

Azure Moon “Zurie” has been a charmer.  We did not come directly home, but instead stayed in Hood River for a day, then headed on to the South Coast.


She has been the easiest puppy we’ve ever had, which says a lot as our other Weims were also unmitigated geniuses.  But this kid’s an Einstein.  No problems potty training – at all!!  We’re just out the door when she first wakes up and out the door after she eats.  She walks along on the little slip collar that you gave us — rarely bawks at moving forward.  She loves her toys and plays hard, and then ker-plop! she’s down for a snooze.  She is an absolute cuddle-bug.


But all that gushing aside, it is clear that Zurie has been handled well and worked with by you both and Devan.  She is surprisingly tractable and confident and curious.  We are very grateful to Owyheestar for sending us home with this wonderful little wonder.


Can’t wait to get her to the beach – but we will wait so that she stays healthy.


– Liz & Mike  (North Bend, OR) 

Well, Shela and Cliff

Now that I’ve bragged so heartily about Zurie, the short video that I have shows less than perfection, but the fact still remains that Zurie is learning so quickly.  She’s learning her boundaries and new words, and how wonderful the soft ball is to fetch.  Sooo much fun, even when she’s naughty she responds so well to gentle correction and the appropriate voice. 
– Liz — at the  Oregon Coast with Zurie