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One Year

Miller's LeoWith Our Leo

Good morning! We have now had Leo a whole year! He is a wild boy, loving and thinks he’s one of our kids! I thought you’d enjoy this silly photo of him I took yesterday, he was loving rolling around in these morning glory vines in the heat. We sure love this goofy baby!

Breeder Comment

You may or may not remember Leo’s previous posts. Here is a couple if you wish to look back.

Modeling for Terri

Extreme Fun at the Beach

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No, I will not get back in the car!

My family had a wonderful trip to the pacific beach back in August.  All 3 of my fur babies were modeling for Terri. As you may have noticed,  he loves to travel! He also LOVES his tennis ball and his sister!

Breeder’s Comment

Hollee and Melissa have become great friends. They meet up and take their two longhairs out for fun. This trip was unique because Hollee’s Mom (Terri) was the photographer. She always does such an excellent job at capturing these moments and the unique character of those involved. They had so much fun no one wanted to leave the beach. Once in the car it looks like they were pretty exhausted. Thank you, everyone, for sharing these photos, and for the comments from you Melissa. Click here to learn more about Terri’s photography.

Sometimes You Gotta Getaway

Mom and I at the Beach

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Mom and I do a lot of Stuff Together!

Yup–sometimes we are the best of friends–the kind that means the most. Ya know what I am saying? ~ Tripp

Mysterious Sightings at the Oregon Coast

Greetings From Manzanita…

Maizie was freaked-out by mussels on a log!

Nehalem Bay State Park, while on our run…..

Meet the Deer

What on earth is that?

The stare-down

The stare-down

One loud Maizie bark!

One loud Maizie bark!

Didn't phase the deer!

Didn’t phase the deer!

~ From Linda & Jerry (who live with Maizie)