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Remember Bart?

~ Friday Marks Five Months

This Friday Bart will be 5 months old.  Tuesday will be 6 weeks with us.  I haven’t needed a band aid for 3 days and today Dan was able to put on his shoes and socks without any chewing or helping. Bart also napped next to me, curled up at my hip, 2 days in a row for 3 or 4 hours.
Today our farmers market was very busy 100+ people and lots of dogs.  There was barking, kids playing and lots of people asking about Bart and petting him…sensory overload and Bart was awesome!  A couple of motor cycle groups went roaring down the nearby highway and the loud noise didn’t phase him.  It was a very good outing.  Thank you for all of his training.  I think he likes us and is comfortable in his new home.
He loves walking the 804 trail and he has favorite people and dogs he is happy to see.  

Here is where Bart chose to lie in the sun for a little snooze, on the tiles for the outside shower..  I wouldn’t let him go on the front deck unsupervised because he eats the dirt and dead plants in the pots.

Breeder Comment

We knew Bart never looked back once he got into the car with Dan. Everything was new and different, but as Weims go, he made a swift and decisive transition. You did great–as I had suggested not overwhelming him. Maybe it would not have been a big deal; however, we will never know. You took it one step at a time–there was never a hiccup.


Hello Cliff and Shela.

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The Much-loved Ryah!

We wanted you to know Ryah is much-loved. We included a few photos to let you know I don’t believe her adjustment period took very long at all.  🙂 She seems to have no fear, very happy, and adventurous.  She was walking up our steps on the back deck on day two, and down them on day three.  On day two, she also felt the need to jump off the leg extension of our love seat….bounced right up and 30 minutes later did it again…..=)

Please know your efforts have already brought great joy back into our home.  THANK YOU!!!

Breeder’s Note: Happy MLK Day! We hope you are having a great Monday (whether you had to work or not). Ryah is from the recent litter born to Duchess (and sired by Blue). She is a sister to Brewster (the pup featured as available on our Sunday blog). Tom and Andi are repeat clients. It is never easy to lose a Weimaraner, and Ryah doesn’t replace former family members. She is a new adventure. We are thrilled to learn she is bringing these lovely folks much-happiness. Ryah is also a sister to Blue (featured a few days ago as well).