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~Television Appearance

Fans of Tango may remember how much time we spend at the local dog park. Last week, one of our friends, Lucy the German Shepherd, showed up with “mom”, Beth, who told us that Tango had been on the local news. Fortunately, her husband got a photo of the TV screen, or else we would have missed it entirely. It turns out that at some point, I had commented on one of their meteorologist’s posts with a photo of Tango on our back porch from June, and they waited until last week to use it.

He’s even bigger and more handsome now! ~ Tom

Breeder Comment

Thanks for sharing this with us all–what a fun post. I am sure everyone will love it–and most certainly someone caught sight of Tango and wondered whose Weimaraner that was on the news. I see it shows he belongs to you, but —

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

Saturday at Owyheestar

2_Sadie X Stackhouse 2014 Wk2-52 - CopyWe have been busy with puppies, and all that comes with it. It is intensive, but rewarding. Yesterday, I was down with an extremely nasty flu-bug. Cliff had it earlier in the week. I hate that we shared it.

We have included a photo of a lovely longhair, and a photo of a traditional smooth coat at the same age. From here on out, they are going to start looking very different. You can see the longer hair lays flat, but when it begins to fluff-out. I must admit the longhairs take on a special whimsical-look that is super enchanting. Why wouldn’t they? They are a Weimaraner. 3_Sadie X Stackhouse 2014 Wk2-26

Watch and wait for the change to take place. I think you will agree they are both equally cute.

There is always the on-going discussion about the hair. It is not what you imagine. Yes, it will take a bit of grooming–monthly brushing, and a bath. It is nothing like the Labrador. There is not hair on your clothing, furniture, etc. Of course, even the traditional Weims shed. It is eyelash-length, and often not noticed.

We will try to keep you updated in these Saturday posts.

This Week

A special thanks to those that sent me an easy post this week. It helped more than you can know; everyone appreciate the news too!

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On a very personal note……

Cliff and I have had the flu this week. What a bummer! We don’t have much to report. Cliff finished the painting next door, and I would have liked to have snapped a photo. It is not going to happen yet.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming.

~Shela and Cliff