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The Trip Home

     ~Part One–Our Beginning

calling shotgunIt’s been an eventful few weeks; however, Loki and I had a fairly uneventful trip back home. We stopped by Walla Walla on the way to see my family, who fell in love with Loki—I wasn’t sure they were going to let us leave!

Settling In

There were a few housebreaking accidents the first week… but I’ve learned pretty quickly. So has Loki. He goes to work with me every day and has the office under his spell. He is curious and friendly with strangers, and though he is quiet in new situations, he comes out of his shell once he’s had a chance to take it all in.

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear from Erica. She sent us a lengthy update which we will break into three parts. We appreciate her detailed explanation of the experience thus far. There is more at stake with Loki–as he is hopefully going to become a part of the Search and Rescue (SAR) team with Erica. This pup is her first to train for SAR, so there is a lot to consider. Nothing but the best combined with attention to every detail– at the same time she keeps calm and collected. This approach will get the desired result.

Finally, let’s all remember raising your first pup is a growth experience. Well–raising the Weimaraner is always a growth experience. They require you to dig deep and to get ahead of the stuff that comes with as well as to avoid being reactive. (OMG) Well, anyone who has been down this path knows that there are surprises. Some are welcome and others not so much. More than anything, the Weimaraner needs to bond and develop the desire to want to please you. Of course, that doesn’t mean they do not have to obey and achieve specific necessary skills. There are those who became so enamored with their intelligent and engaging pup that in the excitement they forgot this is a journey for the Weimaraner and their human. Respect is a two-way street. We cannot wait to see what Loki and Erica achieve together. It is not a race with a time limit. It is a journey to see what they (Erica and Loki) can accomplish as partners.

I am Thunder ….

Got First Bird Too! Woofing happily...

Got First Bird Too! Woofing happily…I’m settling in for the long haul here!

Thunder on Day 1

I made my Mom and Dad happy. I did good the first night at home. When I had to potty, I went potty outside every time. Mom said,” thank goodness.” 🙂 I say, “Well duh, I can handle this.” I am not too sure about the crate yet, but in time I will probably have to get used to it.

Oh, and I got my first duck! Above you see me with it. I am a bird dog in the making already! Mom laughs at me every time I get my bird. I am glad she is easy to entertain. I love making her happy. 🙂

Thunder on Day 2

No big surprise to me, but Mom and Dad are delighted because I learned to sit; and I come on command. (Don’t tell her, but I will save my not-come for a moment when I want to do my own thing.)  Mom loves that I am very attached to my new ‘Dad’ which she says is a good thing.

No potty accidents inside yet 🙂 Thanks Mom for staying on top of this housebreaking thing. I can see it makes you so happy. You and I both like the outside potty the best. “Woof”