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GREAT new Family Member!

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Our new Weimaraner “Simian” from Owyheestar is a GREAT new Family member! He is doing great on a leash in Idaho for walks in the rural countryside.  He was basically potty trained somehow when we received him at 8 weeks (Thank you!). The only bathroom accidents have been when we weren’t paying enough attention, our fault.

Training Continues

He is learning commands well, and is now a daily office dog at my firm. He has mastered going up and down the stairs at week 11.   Thank you Owyheestar, Simian being an ambassador with the public, i am already recommending your company.

Everyone Adores Him!

One young 5 year old girl while petting him said: “He is so soft, i want to pet him ALL over!”

Breeder’s Comment

Thank you for updating us on Simian. We are beyond thrilled that you love him so much. Keep up the good work.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Greetings From OwyheeStar

Zula Blue Wellness B-20It is summer. You knew that for any number of reasons. For example, you get your fresh vegetables from your garden or the local farm stand. The county fair season is in full bloom. Oh yeah, and if you have school age kids they are home unless they are at a camp. There are vacations and family reunions. Summer is the time of year you try to squeeze in more than is possible right?

Zula Blue Wellness B-47This week included a Vet Wellness. The front office gals said they were so happy that we brought them puppy therapy. They are very nice; they take excellent care of us and the OwyheeStar Weimaraners. Of course, Dr. Calhoun has beyond good to us. You might have seen the comment on Facebook by one of our local clients saying how great he has been with her and their fur family members.

Zula Blue Wellness B-61We cannot thank Idaho Veterinary Hospital enough for all they do for us and our clients. We recommend them without hesitation.
Zula Blue Wellness B-48

 These OwyheeStar puppies said to say they endorse these gals. They were hoping that they might be their new mommy; however, they will soon be welcomed and loved (equally adored) by their forever family. The hugs and attention lavished on them was extraordinary. They can expect much the same from those awaiting their arrival. The gals asked Dr. Calhoun to get them one of our pups for a Christmas present. I guess the adoration was more than a mutual fling. Puppy loves make the day go better–so we are sending you that and some puppy breath.

This Week on the Blog

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! We are running a bit thin on the material we for the coming week. So, thank you in advance for saving our bacon so to speak.

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On a very personal note

It has been a good week. It has been a difficult week. Sometimes our good and challenging events overlap. A person must look at the latter and keep a proper perspective. If you do not, then it can overtake your heart with a negative snare. That would not be a healthy way to live. Therefore, we got quite a bit accomplished on a personal level with our remodel, and as well with the Weimaraners. The downside came on Friday when despite Shela’s diligence to maintain her arm, it flared up in short order. Now, she has to have an ultrasound. We will wait and see what the findings divulge and how they affect the continued aftercare. 

The limitations are tough. Before the Lymphedema, it was often overwhelming to try to keep up with all that OwyheeStar (and the personal life) requires. Shela’s inability to do everything she would do for folks and everything asked of her is hard to manage. All too often people have to wait. Nonetheless, the puppies always get the care needed. They come first. Most people understand. If they cannot, then they will have to go elsewhere. Cliff and Shela are thankful for all the faithful and patient folks that work with them.

As Always

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–as I said above, I am running low on material. I need them for inspiration, and they brighten our day. Yes, and allow us to have something to share.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Greetings From OwyheeStarBasket of Pups @ 3 Weeks-2

Murray at 3 Weeks-3We are in the thick of summer. With the way, this is unfolding it makes you think the Dog Days of Summer will arrive earlier than usual. The heat was oppressive, but recently it is hanging around the eighty-degree mark. That is a lot easier to handle. Our second cutting of hay suffered some loss when the rain got it. We are; however, extremely fortunate we didn’t get a heavier downpour. A few times we got some rain, but only a couple of miles down the road water was standing in their corrogates.

We have the cute summer pups. We had thought this litter would elude us, but its appearance is making some folks smile. Deven is here working with the pups, and our youngest grandsons also had a chance to handle them. How great is that?

It is a mixed litter–one that has more variance than our average array of pups. We have two silver gray Longhairs, a blue longhair, some blue smooth-coats, and silver-gray smooth-coats. The boy with the Longhair is our youngest grandson–Nick. He prefers the longhairs, but he loves the pups.

This Week on the Blog

We think you can agree that the updates were great this week. Thank you to the various contributors. Starting on Monday, we had a sticky note at the top all week in honor of Deli’s 14.5 Birthday. Anyhow, the topics were varied rather than the same theme. It is as it works out for the most part. I cannot manipulate what folks send along. It is all good. The only thing I can control is my choices, and the posts I write from scratch. (Big Smile) We hope you find them educational, interesting, and most of all entertaining. What we love is that they are real from the heart posts. Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment.

Sunday July 12— Gracie is Surprised

Monday July 13— Deli Celebrates 14.5 Years

Tuesday July 14 – Our New Food Dish

Wednesday July 15— Obi-wan is Doing Great

Thursday  July 16—A Note from Julia

Friday  July 17— Sweet Boy Jager

On a very personal note

Cliff has been working on the farmhouse every spare minute he can carve out of his schedule. Every day something new is done. There is a lot left to do; however, it is encouraging, to say the least, to watch it come together. 

My arm has been an issue of late. I am working hard to rest it for recovery. That means shorter emails and time away from the keyboard. We purchased a compression pump to try to manage the swelling on our own. Possibly, I will be able to keep the swelling under control, despite the heat. 

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–it keeps things interesting. It makes it easier for me.

OwyheeStar Summer Puppies

Mousse and her babies…

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We wanted to have a litter of summer pups. One can never guarantee these plans will come to fruition. There were folks waiting for a puppy, and we hope to help them fulfill their dream; however, it might take some time. We have the one litter this summer, and it is a doozy. Over the years, we have had so many small litters; this is not a small litter. Mousse’s litter has ten puppies. They are shown above nursing in the puppy yard. This photo was taken by Deven, our helper this summer. He is excellent with the puppies.

A mixed Litter

Our stud dog “Blue” was the sire of this litter; Mousse X Blue Wk4 Bonus_3therefore, we have some blue pups. You should easily be able to distinguish which pups are blue, and which are a shade of gray. There is something else in the mix. Did you notice? One of the blue females has the undocked tail–this is by request.

We had ten days of rain. I joked, we should bail the puppy yard, along with the hay. Pictured here you can see this little blue girl in the jungle, before we were able to mow it. She didn’t seem to mind the blade-forest. You will also notice she is the one with the undocked-tail. For those wondering, this is by request only. Mousse X Blue Wk4 Bonus_4The arrangements must be made in advance of the litter’s arrival. We require a larger puppy deposit. The reasons are many, and we won’t go into them at this time. We get several serious requests every year from folks wanting to forego the tail-docking. This (docking of the tail) is done within days of their birth. We might also note here, that Longhairs are never docked. We are willing to do the full-length tail (on the traditional smooth-coat), because in other-than-American Weimaraner Standards, they occur. In some countries tail-docking is illegal.

Sporting Breed Tail Docking

The sporting breed that sees field action is prone to tail injuries. This is the reason for the docking. It is cosmetic, and a safety factor. Tails, and ears that get nicked bleed profusely. They are difficult to heal. The reality is that fewer dogs see actual field action than in previous years. Many hunt clubs (Versatile Hunting Dog Federation, as well as the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) have mentoring programs. Whether you believe in hunting, or not–it is a deep American tradition. It helped establish this country, and fed our ancestors. Yes, they had gardens, but that would not have sustained life. More often than not, pioneers ate what they could get in a stew, or a dried jerky-pocket-meal. We should not forget this, in our day of supermarket shopping. More and more, folks are returning to natural foods.

The OwyheeStar Protocol

A lot of folks come to OwyheeStar wanting to investigate us. We understand this mentality. It is tough to trust people you don’t know with one of the biggest decisions you are going to make. Nonetheless, we must stick to our protocol, and way of doing things. It is the only way we can accomplish all the things we need to do. For those who have gotten and OwyheeStar puppy, we believe almost without exception they understand what we mean. The new person making a query, might consider us a bit too eccentric. We are always open to inquiries; however, even the initial inquiry is screened. It doesn’t require a lengthy email to net the application invite. In fact, a simple note stating a bit about yourself will do. You can save the lengthy description of who you are, and what you want for the application process.

Getting the details in the application is important to us. It allows us to focus on you, and to respond to everything is a systematic manner. Nothing gets forgotten, and everyone is scrutinized with the same measuring stick. The application reply, is where we look for information. During the process, and especially during the placement segment, we refer to this on many occasions. We like to ensure that we have the correct contact information, as well as all the specifics regarding the Weimaraner puppy you hope to bring home in this one location. Shela, normally spends at least an hour working up our application reply. We do not take this process lightly, nor are we less than grateful for your trust. It is in our heart to do what is in the best interest of the puppy, as well as for you.

Folks wanting to engage us, must be willing to do things in this manner. We believe our outcome speaks for itself. Thank you everyone for your vote of confidence, and willingness to work with our protocol.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Hello May

11174984_10205665926280960_5260943544742744978_nWe say good-bye April, and Hello to May–that just about sums up this week’s calendar. We are in no hurry to move forward toward mid-2015; however, it pulls us along as if it were the engine, and us the attached container. Down the track we go, and we are shocked at the speed time is traveling. We have discovered as we get older, the engine accelerates.

11143508_1649928658569696_710881562918852954_oThe spring pups have departed for their forever homes. They all appear to be making an excellent transition. What more can we hope than to get the ideal opportunity for each pup to thrive? We cannot thank every invested person, family member, or contributor enough. There are so many photos, and updates. Thank you for the celebration, and for sharing some of it with us. We chose this photo of Michael and Kula to represent a small portion of what has transpired. They are pictured here; what could be more apropos? Well maybe a girl and her pup. It is equally good.

There are those of you waiting, and hoping we can produce your next family member. Most (of you) want them to arrive sooner, rather than later. As soon as the spring pups arrived, and it was clear we were short on silver-gray, and gray pups, the question came flying our direction. When will you have another litter? It is a million-dollar question, which cannot be easily answered. If you are waiting for a silver gray, or gray pup, we may have one born this summer. They would most likely be ready either late August, or early September. That is an educated guess. Not every mating produces a litter. Who can guess the number of pups that will be born, the sex of the pups, and in some cases the coat color? If you are on the list for a puppy, you will get news when we can speak with confidence about the topic. To guess, is never a good idea. False hope can lead to discouragement. Hang in there; we have not forgotten you if you are on the waiting list.

This Week on the Blog….

Thank you everyone for the wonderful updates. Your wordy notes, stories, and photos are what make this possible! We always need material to work with; however, somehow it keeps working out just fine. Thank you everyone!

Sunday April 26 — Maggie

Monday April 27— Speaking from our Heart

Tuesday April 28 – Just Ducky

Wednesday April 29 — Layna is One Year Old

Thursday  April 30 —Eleven Days of Jaeger

Friday  May 1— Short Blurb Updates

On a very personal note……

Cliff and I think you know the challenges we have been facing. We have been transparent, because to not be so, would lead you to think we were disengaged. Nothing could be farther from the truth; however, we are limited. Cliff is very busy with the farmhouse remodel, farming, dog training, and preparing for the spring hunt test. I (Shela) am packing, cleaning, and doing all the things I normally do to keep OwyheeStar interaction on track. That being said, I am less able to be so instant. My left arm still swells, and needs a lot of rest to be able to do the minimum. We thank you for your patience, and understanding.

Richard is our first born–a son, who has his own construction business. He can do it all–tiling, finish work, and he has built a couple of homes (from the ground up) before the economic downturn. He could pretty-much tackle any remodel, or repair project that comes his direction. He is helping Cliff with the farmhouse remodel. He has built the new kitchen cabinet boxes, and they are sitting in the kitchen area. It is exciting; it is challenging. When this project is done, it will be a much simpler living situation. We have a long way to go, but we are hoping to get the basic overhaul done before summer’s end.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–we will use everything we can. Then too, I need them for inspiration, and they brighten our day. A big part of healing, and health is from our connections, and outlook. How could news not brighten our day? Well, there is the downside; some of these wonderful creatures pass over the rainbow bridge. There is no avoiding. Despite that fact, there are so many pluses. Thank you for celebrating the Weimaraner with us.


zeka 2

Time with Zeka

I was so lucky, I was able to spend Sun – Wed with Zeka.  She is so much fun; I love playing with her.  ….and OMG, how cute is she when she pouts 🙂 I had no idea – so funny.  I can’t believe how much she sleeps but I love having my very own cuddle bug!  Thank you again.  Hopefully these pictures work for you.

Avery watches over Zeka

Oh – I forgot to tell you, Avery had to take her in the day I left for a UTI.  It appears to be getting better, poor thing.  …and she loves the NuVet and the other stuff; I was relieved, I thought it would be more like medicine for her but I use it as a treat in the mornings because she loves it so much. ~Ginger

Breeder’s Note: Unfortunately, Puppy Vaginitis (as well as UTI’s) can happen to the young female–with the developing immune system. Should this happen, we recommend being as holistic in the approach to treatment as possible.

At Home

photoMurphy is making himself at home!

Geist is a dream come true…

Here’s a photo of me and Geist on the drive home.

At the beginning(September 23, 2013) He’s just a dream. He is so smart. We’ve started some obedience and he is really taking to it.

Breeder’s Note: Our suggestion is to keep the adjustment process simple. Nothing is more important than your relationship. Cliff recommends keeping any training session short–10 minutes is about right. You always want to end on a positive note, with success. If you don’t master the current command, go back to one the pup has mastered. Do that, and reward them by lavishing praise for their achievement.

The two areas that are an exception to these instructions are housebreaking and crate-training. These are the two areas where you must achieve compliance–get results. A casual approach usually ends up in frustration, and sometimes in failure. It takes commitment, clear direction, and a realistic approach. Freedom needs to be earned. That means, do not let the puppy run around without you having your eye on them. The misconception that the pup just went potty outside, therefore; they should be good for a half an hour is just that–a misconception. Pups that are running around could need to go potty again in ten minutes. They need constant supervision. They have to learn how to ‘hold-it’ until they get out. They have to decide that going outside to potty is the right approach. They have to go out (or want to go out) even when it is raining. A big part of achieving this is your attitude. If you, yourself, balk at going outside in the rain; they will feel the same. With rain commonplace in the Pacific Northwest, it is good to make going out in the rain a fun event.

Mastering crate-training will help facilitate your housebreaking efforts. When using the crate, your puppy will learn to wait to go potty outside. This is where using an appropriately-sized crate becomes important to achieving success. The kennel should be slightly larger than the puppy. That way, they cannot set up a bathroom area. Make every effort not to feel bad about using the crate, or the size of the crate. We could write a chapter on this one topic, but just trust us. The right-sized crate is going to be what is best for the Weimaraner puppy. Using the crate when you cannot have your eye on your puppy is smart. Then, the habit of eliminating inside the house doesn’t begin. Once the puppy discovers they can eliminate inside, this can become a battle of the wills. This, like many other unwanted behaviors, is best avoided. Freedom is earned. Don’t feel bad about these steps. The crate is not doggy jail, and accidents usually happen because of human error.

Some people  hang a bell on the doorknob (that they ring) when they take the puppy outside to potty. Many people find this method a good approach. Soon the pup may run for the door and ring the bell to ask to go out. Eventually, the bell may need to go away because some Weimaraners will manipulate you using the bell-system. Early-on it can be a grand approach to getting the housebreaking accomplished.

Whatever you do–keep your approach simple. Over-thinking, and getting elaborate may confuse your puppy. Clear, concise, consistent actions will facilitate your efforts. Getting off to a good start is very important. We believe (and many of our clients will attest to this fact), that we have our OwyheeStar puppies set up for the initial housebreaking. Even if you were to get a bit older puppy, and housebreaking (and crate-training) had been mastered prior to their arrival, you will still need to approach the process as if they are a puppy. This is about learning the ropes, establishing a pattern, and your relationship. These are the first steps in gaining compliance, and earning your pup’s respect.

Blue Vs. Silver or Gray

I know I originally said I wanted either a Silver or gray Weimaraner. However, we both know it came down to two choices–1. Me changing to a silver gray female. 2. Me accepting a blue male.I must say, I wouldn’t trade my blue for any silver. I am an absolute convert.

Getting off to a good Start

Crate training is going well, he still whines a little at times but is getting much more stable. I have started nightly 10 minute obedience sessions. I’ve started with commands “here” and “sit”. What should the timeline be with these. And what should I work into our sessions next. I think he is going to he a great bird dog.

It continues to go well…

(September 25, 2013) Hey there Shela and Cliff. I am happy to report that Geist is doing wonderfully. We are working on leash manners, going on short walks throughout the day. He is getting used to the crate, a little whining still but he’s getting way better. He has mastered “Sit”, and “Here”, and can do “down” when he really thinks hard. He is just a pleasure to have around.

Another day — we are having fun together….

(September 26, 2013) Like you recommended, I have been making our obedience sessions 10 minutes in the evening before dinner, so he is food motivated. It seems like a good time amount of time so he doesn’t get discouraged. Lots of treats, and
praise. At the same time, I am slowing down the reward process for certain things once they are learned. Sit is getting less an less rewarded, and should be combined with other behaviors to get a frequent reward.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks for starting them walking on leash. I feel like that is a next step to work on. I have read a lot about correcting and improving leash behavior, but not about getting them to walk with the leash to begin with. He definitely spend the day a little testily, I’m not giving him an inch until its earned, but I can sense that he is trying to find the loopholes in my behavior. Such a smart little guy, but otherwise it wouldn’t be as fun.

Cliff’s CommentLeash training is important. It will be an area you will find yourself challenged even once mastered. This is so important to master. Honestly, there is no shortcut, or tip that will prevent them from wanting to walk-ahead, pull on the lead, or not to heel. Of all the devices, and methods I have used, the Don Sullivan collar (when used correctly) works the best for getting compliance. If you want to learn more about this system, or to order it, please click here! When you use this correctly, compliance can be achieved in a quick manner. Other than using the right methods, the most important component of training is the human-element. Your connection, and your demeanor is going to make all the difference. We harp on the importance of crate-training and mastering leash compliance. There are very good reasons we continue to bring up these two topics. They are a cornerstone to on-going success. Almost without exception, failure to achieve success in these two areas will result in challenges (best avoided) down the road. 🙂

Featured Weimaraner — Shaydee

Shaydee traveled well!

Shaydee arrived safely at her new forever home–she loves her family, and they love her too!

Hollee reports: We made it home about 6:30 last night. WHEW! what a long trip it seemed. Their were tons of deer and elk along the road, but thank goodness we didn’t pick up a hood ornament on the way home.

Shaydee is our snuggle-bug!

To be absolutely honest with you – I ABSOLUTELY love my Shaydee !!! She has been such a good girl. SO smart and she really traveled well. Then she was a ball of energy when we got home and she met the kids. They adore her! I don’t think any of us wanted to go to work or school today – we just wanted to play with her.

The Farm Store

We ended up going to your favorite farm store (D&B Supply) yesterday and got her same puppy food you have been using. We also happened to pick up a little Boise State Jersey (soooo cute). I included some photos of her in the BSU Jersey. I loved that store! I could have bought a TON of things! 🙂

Shaydee just learned that when you join the family, you take on the political affiliations, religion, and team fanaticism. Go Broncos!

PS: We all love Shaydee, but even the old man Meade (our original Weimaraner) doesn’t think she is too bad. he just gets on the higher couch to get out of her reach. 🙂

Breeder’s Note: OwyheeStar thanks Hollee and Wes for their continued support. Their recent loss of Gracie hit hard and deep, and condolences have been sent their direction. Now, Shaydee has a large set of paws to fill. We know she is up to the task!