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~With their Newest Family Member

The journey begins–and these two are already forging an excellent bond. That look–it is almost as if he is saying, “and what did you expect?”

This Blue Boy will not replace ‘Salty’ the much-loved Gray Ghost Weimaraner that made his home in their family until his recent departure. But we are positive that Salty is looking down with approving eyes, and influence to add to this situation.

We appreciate this family–like so many, they are repeat OwyheeStar folks. Their loyalty and the inclusive way with their fur family warm our heart and soul.


This Happened

Deja Vu produced three tiny pups. Last time we mated her we ended up with one, so we are thrilled to get the three babies. These were taken the next morning after they arrived–day one. We just had to capture a few photos of the moment.

We all can attest to how quickly a pup grows. By four months, they are looking adult-like. They are powerful and fast as lightning. Yes, the young pup can look deceptively quiet, calm, and lazy. There are only two speeds–any Weimlover knows that is the truth. There is on–which is also known as full speed ahead. Then there is off–it might be a lazy stroll, a snuggle, or more than likely a flop. I’m done.

For now, they have one focus–nursing and staying warm. It is enough.

Home Safe

California Girl

     ~ Style

McDuffrie's Style_2923Yes, we made it home safe. Style and I are doing well. We are exploring options for hunt training.

Breeder Comment

We are happy you made it safely to Southern California. We look forward to hearing about the hunting and your training. Thanks ever so much!



Smart and Opinionated

     ~Quick Study

Azula is super smart, she was already bringing her toy back to me.


She is an opinionated and self-assured little girl – and has bonded to us quickly.  She’s also been super good about going outside to do her business!  We love her  spunk and affectionate manner. Now if only her tiny raptor teeth were less sharp…

Azula was sleeping in her crate 😊. As you can see, she doesn’t always sleep in her crate.   Right now she’s crashed out next to my 16-year-old.

Other Fur Family

Here she is checking out one of the cats….

Neither of our two cats is amused by her – but the one you saw will actually probably be fine soon – she loves to play and was out hunting voles while we were keeping Azula entertained…


Breeder Comment

We are happy that little Miss Azula is settling in quickly. Before long, she and the cats will have things worked out–probably a chess match situation. We appreciate the update–the photos and the video is fabulous. We look forward to hearing how things go as she matures. We expect great things. Thanks for your loyalty. We don’t take it lightly.






The Trip Home

     ~Part One–Our Beginning

calling shotgunIt’s been an eventful few weeks; however, Loki and I had a fairly uneventful trip back home. We stopped by Walla Walla on the way to see my family, who fell in love with Loki—I wasn’t sure they were going to let us leave!

Settling In

There were a few housebreaking accidents the first week… but I’ve learned pretty quickly. So has Loki. He goes to work with me every day and has the office under his spell. He is curious and friendly with strangers, and though he is quiet in new situations, he comes out of his shell once he’s had a chance to take it all in.

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear from Erica. She sent us a lengthy update which we will break into three parts. We appreciate her detailed explanation of the experience thus far. There is more at stake with Loki–as he is hopefully going to become a part of the Search and Rescue (SAR) team with Erica. This pup is her first to train for SAR, so there is a lot to consider. Nothing but the best combined with attention to every detail– at the same time she keeps calm and collected. This approach will get the desired result.

Finally, let’s all remember raising your first pup is a growth experience. Well–raising the Weimaraner is always a growth experience. They require you to dig deep and to get ahead of the stuff that comes with as well as to avoid being reactive. (OMG) Well, anyone who has been down this path knows that there are surprises. Some are welcome and others not so much. More than anything, the Weimaraner needs to bond and develop the desire to want to please you. Of course, that doesn’t mean they do not have to obey and achieve specific necessary skills. There are those who became so enamored with their intelligent and engaging pup that in the excitement they forgot this is a journey for the Weimaraner and their human. Respect is a two-way street. We cannot wait to see what Loki and Erica achieve together. It is not a race with a time limit. It is a journey to see what they (Erica and Loki) can accomplish as partners.


Adding the Second

Bowmans's Oakley1

We made it safely home yesterday afternoon to Portland.  We were all exhausted after the long drive and Dudley our other Weimaraner was pouting all the way home.  He didn’t quite know what to do with our little one, whom we named Oakley.

Dudley–the resident Weimar

Bowman's Oakley2We made it all about Dudley yesterday and last night.  He got his usual walk by himself and business as usual.  Oakley is intent on following his new big brother.  Wherever he goes he wants to go.   Dudley quickly got used to this but is not ready for Oakley to snuggle with him, as Oakley would like.   They’re also learning to share me as you can see from the photos.  We figure as long as we don’t force the issue that they will get along soon.  They play well together … chasing each other in circles.
Oakley is quickly learning potty training. No accident so far, knock on wood.  We take him out every two hours or so and he does his business and decides to come back in.  He’s learning from his big brother, sit.  I tell Dudley to sit and Oakley seems to automatically do what his big brother does.   It’s quite cute.
We’ll keep you posted on how they progress.  But we’re loving Oakley to pieces.  :).
Thanks!  ~Cathy and Jeremy.

 Breeder Comment

Wow! You are doing so well with the introductory process. I know you are right. Things will continue, and Oakley and Dudley will be inseparable. We look forward to hearing more about the adventures of the two. Keep up the great work.


With the New Year and the idea of setting a New Year’s Resolution forefront, we might consider one. Another time we set these kinds of unrealistic and humorous goals is when we bring home the new Weimar. We say to ourselves that we are not making the same mistakes as last time. (oops) We pronounce things will be different. Maybe we say they are not on the furniture. (OMG) Well recently, we have heard many such a proclamation. Come on folks; we are all with Jeff and Marisa.  Remember a couple of weeks ago when our blog featured the lovely Schatzi? If not click on her name to see that post.

Schatzi sofa side_5364.JPG


Wind forward a couple of weeks and we hear from Papa Jeff how things are going. He writes “So much for not getting on the couch!!!  She is great!!”

Have we not all been here? Well, consider this–it is typical that we go the way we went before or make new mistakes. Maybe you understand for what I speak.

Celebrating the Trip Home

It is hard to over estimate the anticipation

Dutch the Trip Home

The new beginning brings worry, work, loss of sleep, excitement, challenges and more. We embrace the unknown in hope of the relationship. It is a special moment.

Willow wins hearts and makes friends….

Willow is beyond my wildest expectations.

DSC00205She has won the hearts of all who meet her. Willow has become part of the family, including several aunts who must have their time with her as well. It is quite fun and she is eating it up!

The Grand Adventure…

Last weekend we took all the dogs and horses to the cabin. It was a grand adventure. Ponine, my mom’s dobie, is Willow’s best friend. They played for hours and would then curl up together. It is very sweet. My mom asks Ponine where the baby is and Ponine runs to find her. It is hilarious. She is a great baby sitter.

Silvi and Willow…

DSC00186Silvi didn’t want anything to do with her in the very beginning, but has started to snuggle with her and allow her to chew on her ears. I am not so much a fan of chewing on the ears, because I’ve paid to have both of them fixed at one time or another. However, Silvi and Willow have worked out their own arrangement and I’m trying to just support them. Having Willow in the house has caused Silvi to eat better and gain strength, to the point the vet asked if this was in fact the dog with the heart problem. YEAH, what a bonus!

Horses are a big part of my life…

Willow has ridden the horse with me for a lap around the parking lot at the cabin, but is still too small to go for any rides (while walking). She appears not to be afraid of the horses, which was my main concern at this point. We have yet to ride the quad, but will include a picture as soon as we accomplish it.

Willow and her toys…

DSC00193Willow loves her toys and plays with them alot. Her favorites are her skunk and the ball you sent in her pack. She loves going on walks with Silvi and I; we are up to 1/2 mile a couple times a day. Potty training is going well; probably slightly more difficult due to my work schedule, but we are being successful over the long-haul. Silvi and Willow both sleep in the bed with me because at this point, being in the crate all day and again all night is just too long. She enjoys her crate time as it generally involves food of some kind. Breakfast in the morning and a cookie when you come in to dry your feet off. We are working on sit, off and wait. All of which are coming along better than expected.

Willow and my mother…

Funny thing… My mom is a dobie dog owner thru and thru, however, she is thoroughly impressed with Willow and how well she has adjusted. From day 1 if you tell her no, she will stop what she is doing wrong, look at you and then go find her toys to keep playing. She loves to curl up on her lap and sleep after playing. We have had huge laughs while she is playing with my nieces and nephews. They all love her and she seems to have a ton of fun with the kids. Thank you again for such an amazing puppy! I look forward to having her for many years and adventures to come.