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Murphy Swims as well

Will and Jill’s Two Water-savvy Weims


You might remember these two Weimaraners–they are the Longhair Charlie Mae, and Murphy, who is a Blue. You might also remember on June 23rd that we reported that Charlie Mae was now swimming.  (Click here to read, or review, that blog post.)

Breeder’s Comment:  We are so very pleased that both Weim kids are swimming. It is a fabulous way to get safe exercise, and at the same time to burn off a lot of excess energy. We all know who has the latter in abundance.

A solid retrieve to hand is a good foundation for achieving the swim. The water retrieve is not usually a five-minute process. It takes some patience, and a few deep breaths. When you can relax about the process, and see it through to the end you will achieve your desired results. Usually, the process is thwarted by a lack of human-belief that it can happen. Secondly, the wrong environment (and especially the lack of patient follow-through) will undermine your success. Pressing too hard often proves counterproductive. The Weim might become afraid of the water. Some swimming Weims hate their bath, but love the pond-swim. Once they have crossed over to embrace the water-retrieve it is a beautiful experience for all concerned. Congratulations are in order, and sent toward Murphy for achieving the much-coveted water retrieve in such good style. His swim style is a very nice one for a beginner.


Congratulations all around!

Murphy at One

Murphy the Smurfy

Here are several pictures from the past year…

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Murphy was with us for the last camping outing of last year (Cucumber on his eye) and then one from our first camping of this year.  He did GREAT on both!  He likes to sleep in my sleeping bag tho…..

On May 31st our little blue boy turned 1!!!  Murphy (or as I call him “Murphy the Smurfy” (Cause we all know Smurfs are ….. blue… hehe)..


We feel so blessed to have 2 OwyheeStar Weims in our house!!  As everyone always posts, they always get lots of attention when we are out, some of the pictures included are from a 5K walk (heart walk) we did last weekend ON Murphy’s Birthday and the Weim Duo got LOTS of comments! At least one of them took down your info after asking us some questions!


Murphy has grown up to be a big sweetheart!  He’s so full of life and wants nothing more than to be under our skin about all the time..  He’s learned any tricks I’ve taken the time to show him, unfortunatly my work has been a real bear the last 6 months so my time to really work with him has been minimal.  He mastered shake within a few days and as much as I’ve tried Charlie Mae REFUSES to shake!  It’s so funny, but I continue to try to teach her and keep Murphy practicing!  Overall he’s getting more and more obedient respecting the yard boundaries we have, mostly stern talking to is discipline enough.


We are constantly getting comments about how striking the blue color is!  My only complaint about his color is that he’s almost like a stealth dog.  He’s impossible to see at night, he blends in almost perfectly with our car’s interior, he’s about the same color as asphalt..


Thanks for the awesome Weim Duo!  WE LOVE THEM!





Murphy and the Engagement

2013 Has Been Great!

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A little year recap! After the struggle of the housing situation we ended finding the perfect house for us in February. It even came with a doggie door (Murphy was excited as were mom and dad). Our house has a nice backyard which Murphy enjoys because he spends a lot of time out there. We live close to the greenbelt and enjoy taking him to the river and on walks. Murphy also loves going on bike rides with his dad. He knows exactly what is going on when Taylor grabs his headphones and cant wait to go for a little run!

Coming Home to Murphy Kisses

After a long day of work seeing Murphy and getting some kisses makes you forget about anything that has gone on. He is the best cuddler (even though he thinks he is 10 pounds). Taylor and I talk about what it was like before Murphy and we cant really remember. We find ourselves only talking about him and things he does. He really is our whole world.

Taylor and Kaitlin include Murphy

Taylor and I are currently planning our wedding and had the opportunity to go out and take some engagement pics with Murphy in them. 🙂 I am so lucky that we will always have these memories of us together as a family. He is a model:)

Murphy is much-loved

We just wanted to say thank you for Murphy

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We can’t believe today is his FIRST birthday!!!!

I still remember reading when he was born and now we are here a year later!!!! ~ Kaitlin (Oct 8, 2013)

Breeder’s Note: We appreciate the short note of thanks. It means the world. It is good to know you are enjoying Murphy. That brings us great joy. Wishing you many years together ~Shela and Cliff