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Colt; birthday boy extraordinare

Celebrating another Birthday….10531114_781726225195018_2102090676_n


Breeder’s Note: We have known Colt’s parents for a goodly number of years. We consider them seriously addicted to the Weimaraner virus.

Remi, Sadie, and Colt

Remi, Sadie, and Colt

They currently live with three OwyheeStar Weims–Sadie (the older silver-gray girl), Colt (the blue boy featured here), and Remi (the crazy gray longhair). I mean crazy in the best of ways. We cannot thank this couple enough for all they do for these three Weims. They lead extraordinary lives of a special sort. Here are a few photos snatched from the library we have collected. We hope they make you smile. They gave us several smiles ❤

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Featured Weimaraners — Ruca and Bennett

Ruca and Bennett enjoy the beach

Ruca and
Bennett enjoy the beach

Dear Shela & Cliff:

I thought I’d send you an update on our puppies  (Ann’s Bennett & my Ruca), who are now a year old.  We took them to the beach for a long weekend to celebrate, and the attached photos are from that weekend.  We all had a really great time, and plan on doing a trip like this with just those two to celebrate their birthdays every year.

Bennett and Ruca enjoy the comforts

Bennett and Ruca enjoy the comforts

Ruca at One Year

Ruca at One Year

As you can see, they’re both show-stoppers in their own way.  Ruca has kept her amazing blue-green eyes, and Bennett’s coat is the silkiest gun metal gray I’ve ever seen.  They have such different personalities, yet get along great.  Best of buddies for sure.



Ruca has turned out to be a very loving gal.  She freely gives kisses and loves to snuggle, which I love, yet she’s also very independent.  She’s extremely athletic with bottomless energy, and is one “tough” chick.  (I call her “Brunehilda” sometimes.)  One of the worst counter surfers ever, I’m sure.  (Yes, I read about the pup that died from eating heart medications that were left on a counter….  We try to never leave ANYTHING on the counter that she could possibly get into, and are working very hard at stopping that behavior.  Any ideas??)  She is very smart and learns easily (when she wants to). And is definitely a chewer.  (Have invested in massive amounts of bullysticks & bones.)  When I’m working, she goes to a doggie daycare.  Expensive, but well worth the money.  It’s helped with both her social skills AND getting her exercised when I’m unable to.  When I’m not working, we have a 2.5 mile walk we regularly go on.  She is my best friend and constant companion.  I rarely go anywhere without her.

Fun-loving Ruca

Fun-loving Ruca

We have a vacation coming up where we’re unable to take her, and it will be the first time I’ve ever left her overnight.  Even though she will stay with her siblings (True & Silas) and my daughter (who she knows very well), I’m not looking forward to being without her for two whole weeks.  I’m sure that with her independence she’ll do great, but I, on the other hand, will miss her greatly.

Hopefully these pictures will come through.  I’m not very technically savvy, sorry.

Hope all is well,

MaryAnn Meets Sage's Silver Female (4)Breeder’s Note: MaryAnn and Ann are best friends. They are both RN’s working in Central Oregon. We have been friends (of a special kind) for many years. MaryAnn’s Ruca is her 4th OwyheeStar Weimaraner. Ann’s Bennett is her 2nd OwyheeStar Weim. 

MaryAnn–counter-surfing is very hard to stop. We won’t belabor the reasons here, but it is most certainly the Weimaraner Olympic Sport of choice. They love other games, but snatch and run from the counter is probably at the top of the list. There are few things you can do to stop this behavior. It is vitally important to keep food and other things off the counter. The Weimaraner is opportunistic. Having said that, there is a trick some old-time trainers use.

The idea is to deter them from digging in the trash or surfing the counters. Cliff and Shela have used this trick once. We do not use it anymore, because we hunt train. Bird-launchers make the same clicking noise as a mousetrap. Once the Weim is conditioned to fear that noise, it is impossible (or very difficult) to undo the conditioning. For those who will never hunt-train, this method may work well–emphasis on the word may. We all know how undaunted the determined Weimaraner can be when they want something. This method employs using new old-fashioned mousetraps, and baiting the Weimaraner so there is something they want. When they go to nab the item, the mousetrap snaps, and in theory they retreat in fear. While this is extreme, it might be life-saving. It also may not work for the Weim focused on nabbing something no matter the cost.

The recent post about the puppy who died from ingesting heart medication has gotten a lot of press. We published that article hoping it would help prevent a repeat occurrence. There are so many things that when ingested could make a Weimaraner sick, or worse. Some of these things are foods we eat–chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, etc. Sugar-free gum is lethal and something your beloved Weimaraner might pilfer from a purse, or other location. Click here to see a more detailed account.

Featured Weimaraner — Magnum


Magnum, the new kid at Mike and Monica’s Place

Magnum is doing great!

(Michael wrote) At the last vet check she (Melissa Albert) said, Magnum is going to be bigger than Hemi. Hemi and Sophie are also doing great. Hemi has taken on the mission to be a mother to Magnum and she’s doing a excellent job. Sophie tolerates him while in the house. But, likes him as a hunting buddy when outside…

Magnum has been perfect for us!

(Monica wrote) Magnum loves Michael so much and is happy to meet people.  He loves to play and is very birdy or a very nosey dog.  Always sniffing out things.  He likes to take a bath and overall just loves to get into everything.  I told Michael that is name was nono, ha.

Magnum is normal and gets into the usual Weimar trouble!

We will getting a new couch in about 18 months, too.  He loves my ear plugs and Michael always asks me if I want them back after he finds them in Magnums poo.  No thank you.!  He loves to be outside and finding things like my chickens and of course is new thing chasing leaves all around.

We want to thank you for a great dog.  

I would have said little guy, but he is getting bigger and bigger.  Sophie is the only one that has an issue with him.  She just does not know what to do with him, so she yipes at him when he gets near her.  At the end of the day you can find her on the couch with him laying next to her or with his head near her butt both sleeping on the couch, she has given up at that point.  He just like to be near her.  Hemi makes him mind is p’s and Q’s.  But she plays with him too. Other than he still has loose stools for part of the day, he is a growing and fun loving little guy.

Breeder’s Note: Try adding some plain pumpkin to his diet everyday. It will most likely clear up a slight digestive imbalance. It is also a healthy snack. You can use canned pumpkin, or if you find regular pumpkins, you can bake and freeze them. You can also try sweet potatoes baked and given as a snack.

The heartache of loss

The Late Turbo with Michael during a demonstration on how firefighters could help pets

The Late Turbo with Michael during a demonstration on how firefighters could help pets

The recent passing of Turbo left a gap in Michael (and Monica’s) hearts. Turbo was their first OwyheeStar. Those of us that lived the journey will never forget him. He had a winning personality, that lead to earning firehouse hot dogs all too often. He was irresistible. We will never forget his pilfering, and how he found a castoff artificial tree branch covered in delicious tasting leftovers, and ingested it. His life was filled with fun, joy, antics, and a few accidents. He will live on in our hearts. He could not be replaced. Nonetheless, Michael needed a new sidekick, and they added Magnum. He is their fourth OwyheeStar Weimaraner.

Before Magnum there were three

Hemi, Turbo, and Sophie with Monica

Hemi, Turbo, and Sophie with Monica

Mike and Monica fell in love with Turbo, and they wanted a female to add to their family. They brought home Hemi. Yes, Turbo and Hemi (cute names), filled their lives with so much joy that they wanted to open their home to another Weimaraner in need. Sophie was returned after a relationship change happened where she was no longer wanted. They opened their hearts(and home) to Sophie. They tried to change her name to Shadow, but she would not accept the name change. There were ups and downs in the working through of Hemi and Sophie getting along. Two females both wanting to run the show didn’t make it easy on Mike and Monica, and Turbo either. Nonetheless, they kept their commitment to Sophie, and she is much loved. We thank them for that!