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~Opus a saurus — one who mouths everything

Mom loves this photo of me–Haha!

Like most Weims, he is mouthy–I’ve really struggled with this habit of his. He is the reason I engaged the services of a trainer.

Not Gonna Happen

This picture is from one of the visits and from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer–remember. He’s not wanting to work on stuff. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

It’s quite alarming when he grabs you by the arm if you’re not comfortable with 85 lbs of lovin’. Then he nibbles your butt.  Always predictable. Never harmful. We’re making strides. This picture is from one of the visits from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer. He’s very mouthy, like most Weims. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

Ok that’s it for now. I just love them all. Thank you. Can’t imagine belong without these guys.  

Breeder Comment

Can I just say you are the best–thank you, Melinda, for your response to my request. BTW–I appreciate everyone who has already send something for our blog–and those who still plan to do so.


Her Life Unfolds

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Sunstar with Jan Magnuson

Dan, Emma, and I completed a session of Jan’s obedience classes in July.  Emma was with a great group of dogs and Jan is so upbeat and knowledgeable–we are lucky to have her so close to us.  Emma met up with her brother Trigger in class.  It was great to see him again, and his nice family.  They are so similar it is uncanny–he’s just a bit more of a “he” and she’s just a bit more of a “she”.  My son, Dillon, Emma and I were able to visit Trigger’s family in August at their home.  Trigger and Emma did well together after the initial excitement and we were able to get some pictures.  Waqar measured Emma’s height and she was within 1/4 inch of Trigger’s height.  The next week at the vet, a bit over 5 months of age, she weighed 54 lbs.  I think Waqar said that Trigger was 51 lbs the week before.


We were at the vet for her Lepto booster.  At our first visit to the vet, I shared Cliff and your recommendations on the immunization schedule for weim puppies.  The vet did recommend the Lepto be given as it is prevalent where we live in the WET Northwest.  We did the titer test at 16 weeks which came back showing Emma had ample immunity, then did the Lepto and booster totally separately from rabies.  So far, so good!

Breeder’s Comment: We love the way you have approached the vaccine. It was great she had immunity at the 16-week titre-test. That meant you could follow the best possible path for protection using vaccine, but not combining them. It is a wise approach. You clearly, have an awesome vet. Lepto is being recommended more and more; even though the risk may not be as great as some predict you don’t want to be the one to have the Weim that contracts it. When it is a problem in your area, it is smart to get the Lepto shot separately. The longevity of protection is limited. Some say, the vaccine only lasts 6-8 months. This is another reason for foregoing the annual combination shot. In reality, recent studies have shown that the younger dog who is vaccinated in a timely manner many not require the annual distemper/parvo vaccination. If Lepto is a problem, the opposite would be true. They may need vaccinated every eight months to ensure protection. We do not know if anyone does the titre-test for the Lepto. It seems like it would be an excellent idea. 

More Training

I am signed up for Jan’s classes in September–it will keep both Emma and us on track toward the goal of “earned freedom”.  Not quite there–LOL!  Will we ever really be, with a wiemaraner?  Emma is meeting new dogs on our walks and continues to socialize with family and friends dogs and she is doing well with this.  I appreciate all of your “messages” about mouthing/nipping/biting/nibbling.  This is the part I (conveniently) forget about with our weim puppies and Emma loves to own us with her mouth.  Bitter Apple and correction over and over, and over again–patience is a virtue!  Jan emphasized remaining calm–good to have that reminder, too!  Emma is a sweetheart, a beauty, and a wonderful weimaraner!  Thank you so much for my girl!  She was my early birthday present and my birthday is finally here, this weekend.  Happy Birthday to me! And Happy 6 Month Birthday to Emma and all her siblings next week, especially Trigger and Alli!

As Requested by some–Here is Jan’s link: