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Misty in the Snow

She runs fast; like a Bullet through the snow

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Above are some adorable photos of Misty in the snow recently, here in Southern Oregon. She loves running as fast as she can through the snow.

Tummy Rubs are Important

Tummy rub please...

Tummy rub please…

After she charges through the snow, she likes to take a break on the couch to get a tummy rub.

I really enjoy noticing the different hereditary traits that are passed along with your certain lineages. It seems like Misty(Mousse X Benton) has smaller ears and a thinner face, which is just so cute. young sky in 2011But, of course I also love our other Weim, Sky, that has a broader shaped face–as you know she resides with my brother’s “X”; I don’t remember her lineage.

Happy Winter!! ~Shannon

Breeder’s Comment: Thanks Shannon for taking the time to update us on both OwyheeStar Weims.  We are glad they are much-loved, and well cared for in every way. There are differences, and sometimes when the DNA weaves through you get variances. The Weimar face is endearing (wide or narrow). They are all capable of etching forever memories that keep us laughing long after they depart our life. People get caught up on a certain look, but it seems to us the temperament and health are far more important.