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Molly does good during Jim’s absence

Molly Summer 2013_3055Molly stayed home

I was in Portland Sunday visiting my brother, and I left Molly with a good friend of mine. I went there to see my sister n brother. My brother is 82 years  and my sister is 72 years.

Molly posed for a couple of photos

So this is a very good picture of Molly and one more of her on his futon.Molly Summer 2013_3054

Breeder’s comment and photos from the archives…

Breeder’s Note:

Jim and Molly at six months

Jim and Molly at six months

You that have been around the longest, might remember Jim and Molly. Not too long after he acquired Molly, he had a stroke.

He credits Molly with saving his arm (and life). Together they build a wonderful new home, after that hiccup in the road to their plans. 

Mitchell's Mollie Leaves_8083This photo of Cliff and Molly was taken just prior to Jim leaving with her.