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Sadie cannot be Replaced

We will never forget her………

Midge is a pint-sized blue female; who is inserting her paws into the family. We feel certain that Miss Sadie would wholeheartedly endorse this decision.

Aaron set up for her arrival; Terra made a road trip to pick her up.

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It seems she is a west coast girl of a special sort. Her grandmother is Deli–you might remember that Deli turned 14 in January. Deli has a Facebook Album–click here! Little Midge, has big paw-prints to fill. Sadie is sorely missed by all; Midge won’t make up for the loss in any sense of the word. Regardless, the hope is Midge will be a welcome addition who fills in a portion of the hole left upon Sadie’s unexpected departure.

The Final OwyheeStar Photo Shoot for Midge

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Cliff took her out for a little romp around the farm. He captured some pretty cute photos of her don’t you think?