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Featured Weimaraner — Lucy

Lucy has a play day…Lucy at Day Care

The kids had a fun play day today. They are all waiting for a treat!! Some more patient than others. They are: Lucy, Luigi, Dolly( labradoodle), Dieter (German Shorthair), Wooley (Black Lab) Daisy (Chiuhauha), Meg (mix rescue dog) and Jena ( black and white terrier mix rescue dog). It was a great time!! I hope you had a nice day. 

Breeder’s Note: Lucy’s parents have a private caregiver who visits their home. She makes house calls, takes her clients on walks, has play dates, and does what she can do to assist Lucy’s parents. When they go out of town for much-needed respite, she is there for Lucy (and Luigi–her Golden brother pictured next to her).

Many people find the need to for additional caregivers (or daycare) for their Weimaraner. The reasons vary greatly, but often are due to work schedules more than any other factor. Success is mixed. Some Weims pick up bad habits at the daycare center. For example, some allow for inside potty areas. The Weimaraner arrives home (from their fun day where it was perfectly OK to urinate on the wall–because it is easily washed down the drain) to find their family not being happy with that behavior. Finding the best solution (if you need one) is important. Lucy and Luigi have the perfect in-home care situation.