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AKA Princess Bella

The beginning -- not so long ago!

The beginning — not so long ago!

We wanted to share an update, as well as some pictures of our little piglet aka princess Bella.

Our Love Bug

Bella is 18 weeks old now, about 40 lbs. She is doing great, growing like a weed; she is super-sweet and adorable. She is a total Daddy’s little girl. Her Daddy has to carry her to bed every night, otherwise she just won’t go. In fact, she won’t even move lol. I told her Daddy he has to work out more to get stronger–she will get bigger. This girl is something else; she has the cutest sometimes don’t’ care personality…. We just love her to pieces!

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Thank you again for everything and wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving.

Best regards,
Sri & Kevin

Breeder’s Note: We appreciate this update–many thanks for the great photos. You are doing great; May Bella live long, and continue to do well.