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Atticus in New Zealand


How did Atticus deal with the loss of Squiggle?…

It was a weird time for us, which probably helped him out. At that time I was doing small animal weekend and relief work in Texas, so I had a lot of free time I was spending with them at home. I knew the time was getting close. Squiggle had major muscle atrophy in her hind ends and was having trouble getting up or going for extending walks. She had a couple of accidents while sleeping. She also had several large masses of her spleen and several other health problems. I spent a couple days with them doing their favorite things, and let her eat a lot of people food. I set up an appointment early in the morning on my day off and I decided to take Atticus with me. Atticus and I were in a room with her and a vet tech. Atticus just laid down while I did everything with her. He licked his paws the whole time but didn’t get visually or vocally upset otherwise. We spent about a half hour in the room with her and then we left. He didn’t seem very interested in her; didn’t go over to her to smell or nudge her or anything.
Afterward, I took him to the dog park, had lunch with a friend and then just chilled at home. At this time, when I wasn’t home I was taking them to a dog daycare/boarding place every day I was working. So he had no time to be at the house alone. He was either with me or with the staff and other dogs at the daycare center. He never searched for her or seemed otherwise upset.
I’m not sure if this is a normal response, or just him, or what. Hopefully, that helps.

Breeder Comment


I wonder if Atticus didn’t take his cue from you. Maybe you had resolved this, and while you were sad, you knew it was inevitable. Plus you work with this kind of thing (being a Vet) and help others deal with the loss. Each situation is unique. He was busy with his normal life. You were sad to say goodbye to Squiggle. Nonetheless, you knew there was no turning back. It is beyond sad to lose an old friend.

Our Lily

Honoring Those Who Came First


It has been awhile since I thanked you for this beauty. The sun has shown up a bit this week and she got to explore a lot. If it keeps up this Tuesday we will take her to the beach for the first time. It will be a year since the day we lost our 2 puppies. We thought a great way to honor them was to spend the day spoiling Lily. We can’t imagine life without her now. She is such a huge part of our world. Thank you again ~ Catherine.

Breeder Comment

In a blink of an eye, through no fault of your own, a loss can occur. The unthinkable is devastating. Eventually, something will come along and claim them before we can fathom letting them go, but a tragedy such as this family suffered hit deeper yet. We were glad to be able to send Lily. She has big paw prints to fill, but she is making a difference. She is not a replacement. Her duties are new and unique.

To the Desert

Lucy Loved going with Us


Bob, I, and Luigi went out to the desert this past Monday. We took Lucy’s ashes with us. They have a great walking trail out there. It is a mile and a half trail. All along the trail people have placed rocks they have painted with names on them. Some have tributes on them, some people make a big saying out of lots of rocks all kinds of things. Well about halfway through the walk they have a pet memorial that people have made over the years.

Now she is Memorialized There


Bob and I have walked with the kids on that trail for years. Lucy just loved being off leash on that trail. We thought it was only right to bring her ashes there for her final resting place. I ordered a nice river stone through Amazon and we brought it with us to place along the trail. We put her rock on the edge of the trail next to a mailbox that someone must have placed there over the years. I have included two pictures. The first one is of the rock I had made. It is a beautiful rock. It weighs 10 lbs. They etched her name the paw and the years. It will last! In the background, you can see part of the love is eternal in rocks that someone made years ago. Under that you see the whitish sand looking area. That’s is Lucy’s ashes. The second picture I thought turned out beautiful! I was just trying to get all the love is eternal in the pic with Lucy’s ashes in it as well but I thought the background was so beautiful!! You can see the desert with the mountains and blue sky with clouds! I just love this picture!!!

Well, Bob, I and Luigi will now start a new chapter in our lives–Dec 2, 2016

                                                                      ~Love, Idelle

Breeder Comment

7369fcac-0ea6-4c43-8081-0383583bdc10We cannot express our gratitude for all you did with and for Lucy. We are beyond sorry for the loss. We know she left a hole in your heart and home.

The taunting birds and critters will miss her. Her toys will feel her neglect as well. Oh, how she loved her ball. Thank you again!

Oakley and Willy

Our Saving Grace

img_20161023_141907900I purchased two puppies that were born on Halloween 2000. We wanted them; one for my brother and the other for me. It was in the wake of a terrible loss that I sought the Weimaraners. My husband had been murdered and our Father had committed suicide afterward within 3 months. These dogs were out saving grace.

My brother lost his Willow lady (Willie) a few years ago due to age, and I lost my Millennium Oakley (Oakley) just 2 years ago now. Best dog I have ever had. I am just reaching out because if I can ever get past the heartbreak of losing her someday. I would be very interested in another but only from you. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I would never have made it without her….

Shanna (Silvey-May) 

Sad News and New Beginnings

Breeder’s Note: We all deal with loss in different ways. We met Charlie Mae’s new forever family not too long after they had lost Chloe–a 12-year-old female they acquired in Boise, Idaho as a puppy. They needed another companion Weim for Max (a young rescue they located through a friend and Zamzow’s puppy class–eight years ago). They never dreamed he would make his departure so soon after Chloe. Their story did not unfold as planned, but Mace has slid into their family with a good measure of ease. Of course, he cannot replace Max, just as Charlie Mae did not replace Chloe. Nonetheless, they have begun a new chapter in their lives with Charlie Mae and Mace. Please read on as they share their recent events.

Charlie Mae stays warm while Max looks on

Saying Good-bye is not easy!

We are sad to say that Charlie Mae recently lost her Big Brother Max (he was in many of the recent pics with Charlie Mae).  Max had rapid onset heart disease that took him from us recently.  We had planned to wait until late March/early April to think about getting another Weim, but Shela (who we had kept in the loop about Max’s condition for advice and such) had an idea…

We make a good 2-Weim Family 

I’m happy to report as of Feb 13th we re-established our household quota for Weimaraners welcoming “Mace” to our lives!  This little boy is 6 days younger than Charlie Mae (or Owyheestar longhair Weim) and her half brother!  Both are from different litters sired by OwyheeStar’s Stackhouse. The two have rapidly become fast friends (as expected).  Mace has also been a great distraction from our recent loss. Thanks Mace and Charlie Mae for helping us smile more than frown these past few days/months!!

Mace and his new Dad!  Look at those feet !!!!Mace and his new Dad!  Look at those feet!!!!

The drive home after picking up Mace.  Traveling Home

Look at those two, fast friends already!!Fast Friends

 Into the porta-crate while we run into a store for Mace’s new BSU collar (Per Jill’s requirement) 🙂Into the porta-crate

 Are you talking to me??Are you talking to me

New collar/leash installed and waiting to meet his Human sister (Our 7 year old who has no idea she has a new friend!)New collar andleash installed

What to say.. cute x2!At Home Together 1`

A tale of 2 tails!At Home Together 2

Weim Pillow…At Home Together 3

Keeping Mom company in the kitchen…

At Home Together 4