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Before Dusty

~The Much Loved Duke

Friday, April 5th –It is with a heavy broken heart I wanted to let you know we lost Duke (Dusty x Gracie) last night. I knew this day would come but are we ever ready to lose part of our heart and soul?? Foster came home from school to bloody urine and diarrhea.  Duke has turned 13 January 2nd and I couldn’t see him suffer.  I had a vet come to the house so he could die peacefully on his couch.

Kleenex Please

Breeder Comment

It has been a rough couple of days. The news of Duke’s passing came less than twenty-four hours before Dusty’s departure. We appreciate how much he was loved. Thank you, for the beautiful life your family gave him.

Keifer continues to do well

Happy moments with the two

Happy moments with the two

I haven’t updated you in awhile, but Keifer is still doing great.  We just lost his best bud, Smoke (he was 13), so he is naturally lonely and needs lots of extra love.  We’ll be looking for another Weim in a year or two as Mike nears retirement, so please keep us updated.

Breeder’s Note: Mike and Sharon like to rescue Weims. Not everyone has the knack for it, but these folks are great at taking in the wayward, and giving them the life they deserve. Kudos to them for their dedication to the breed. Their efforts should be applauded. On occasion we get a return. More often than not, it is due to a situation on the home-front. You have to know we will be keeping Mike and Sharon in the loop.

Our heartfelt condolences for the loss of Smoke. No matter what, these wonderful creatures do not live long enough. What can we say? The loss affects the entire family, including Keifer. We are so glad they have each other. 🙂


Smoke and Keifer with us when we were still all together….

We are taking Keifer on a jet boat trip to Hells Canyon next weekend, which he will love because he is a GREAT swimmer.  Also, he has been bringing us (not so welcome) presents, including rabbits and gophers who weren’t fast enough.  🙂