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Draping Lights

On Charlie Mae

     ~The Annual Tradition


“Woof” “and now, every year it this with the lights.”

You can tell it’s Christmas time at the Spight house!!🎄🎄🎄. We got Charlie Mae 5 years ago just before Christmas and she wouldn’t leave the lights alone when I was trying to fix them and I wrapped her up. Been a traditional activity ever since!


In Missouri

Blue Supervises

     We hauled some sand in for our project. 

Blue really loves sand I hauled in several ton and he would not leave or let me spread the sand, he stayed there nearly all day.

We do A lot Together


I got both eyes on you!

IMG_1341As you can see by the photos, Blue is getting big. My parents love him too! Oh yea, and loves the water. He is doing really well with shed, pheasant, and rabbit hunting. He spooks out the small game a retrieves them for me.

Breeder Comment

We remember you driving all the way from Southern California to pick up Blue after completing your special mechanic’s training as part of your military assignment there in Missouri. The weather was touch and go, but somehow it worked in your favor.

Exhausted in Oregon

Sunday Night


Goldee loves Mom’s house, there are chickens living on three of the four fence lines. She goes from one side to the next to the next and around again. Every once in a while she’ll come over to our chairs to say hello and just as quick she is off to hunt the birds at the feeders. Mav and Autzen are down the fetch business from the minute we arrive and the minute we leash them up to leave. They LOVE their Grammy’s acre.

Earlier in the day, Goldee awakes to find out today is going to be excellent. 

Waking Up Sunday

     ~ To hear you are going to Grammy’s Acre


Breeder Comment 

Like all grandchildren, Goldee, Maverick, and Autzen love Grammy’s place. Today, it is back to work and life as normal. They await the weekend like their humans.

Weim Crimes

Is A Thing

haffeys-goldee-prima-donnaThe Modeling Mogul Prima Donna (Goldee) has her moments. She loves the camera for the most part. Unless it were to interrupt a search for vermin that might gross out some who adore her. She has been known to nab a mouse or gopher. Recently, the turkey leg search was captured on video. Seriously, poultry is dangerous once it is cooked. They can eat the entire live bird with no ill effect. Cooked bones are another matter. Thank goodness this was more a search than a find.


We are honestly not sure what this says about the humans who love their Weimaraner. haffeys-goldee

It Was Only A Matter of Time


       ~ AKA Smokester, etc.

15123339_10207598657387828_7816734183850106147_oUpdate on The Smokester– he is potty trained!! (Well, at least almost.) He knows how to use the dog door to go out to our small dog run to potty! So proud of him!

And he is very brave in his kennel and only whines for a little bit when we put him in there for nap times.

My Ears Are On Fire

Lulu is a fan!

14856182_10209087493119172_2591607926158250536_oShe loves the Cubbies and the Cowboys :).

What do You Mean? Another Fluffy!?!

                         ~Rumor has it…or Mama Heidi reports!

6-hattee-x-stackhouse-week-four-70Her problem is she has heard that a new puppy is coming in a few weeks so she is ticked off about everything right now, very hormonal.

Breeder Comment

The best approach is to keep Lulu as the center of the universe status. The new baby is adorable but doesn’t displace her at all. They will be friends — eventually.

At The Distillery

Olli and Rudi


It has been a few months so I thought that I would share this picture of Olli and Rudi snuggling at the distillery.  Who would have guessed that Rudi would have tolerated this degree of closeness or that Olli would sit still for that long?!  It is a memory worth savoring.  

Both are doing well.  We were convinced that Rudi would not make it through the summer and the vet told us that we were nuts – he is fit and has another 1-2 years in him!  That is not what we were expecting to hear but are thrilled that we will have the boys to walk in the woods together and explore new areas.  Olli is just a delight – we continue to chuckle over his multi-faceted personality and his precocious nature.  He has gotten a little skittish recently but we are working through it and chalking it up to being a teenager.

Take care– Mary (September 29, 2016)

The Longhairs, part one

Often referred to as the Other WeimaranerGreta's Newborns

Greta cradles Three

Greta cradles Three

We promised to talk about the longhairs. So, let’s start at the beginning. Above is a photo of the 2013 Greta X Stackhouse litter. There were ten pups in her litter, and six of the ten were longhairs. Greta carries the DNA marker for the fluffy-coat trait. Therefore, if she is mated with a Longhair or with a carrier (like herself), she will produce longhairs within her litter. The number of longhairs we will get varies. The average is 50%; however, the year before she produced two in her litter of seven pups. Predicting what we might get is a slippery slope.

You will also notice, that the pups look the same. We get early DNA testing to ensure we know which pups are the longhairs. Before long, it is very evident. 7B_Greta X Stackhouse 2WKS (11)1B_Greta X Stackhouse 2WKS (20)At two weeks of age, there is no need to identify which pup is going to be the longhair. It is clearly evident.

Rapid changes unfold each week, and soon the pups look more like this….7B_Greta X Stackhouse WK5 (54)1C_Greta X Stackhouse WK5 (6) The two photos were taken on the five-week birthday. We chose the same pups for each set of photos. The changes are always dramatic, but never more so than for the longhair.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

Greetings from Cliff and Shela….

Bernie and Bonnie Blue think the water is good!

Bernie and Bonnie Blue think the water is good!

….August is in full swing, and everyone is busy, busy, busy.

Training happens

Bernie & Bonnie Aug 9 2013 (164C)The weather is warm, so Cliff does the vast amount of his training in the mornings, or evenings.

We are blessed to be able to use our pond. It is not perpetually filled with water, but during irrigation, we can easily fill it. The hay has been cut, which also gives Cliff additional space in which to train. It is important to keep the training fun. Cliff finds the positive (and upbeat) approach almost without exception gets the best results. The Weimaraner is all about the relationship! The weather is warm, so Cliff does the vast amount of his training in the mornings, or evenings.

Three Longhairs

Bernie & Bonnie Aug 9 2013 (181)He has been working with three longhairs (Bernie, Bonnie Blue, and Cleo). Bonnie Blue loves the pond, but doesn’t quite swim. Bernie dives in and snatches the dummy. Cleo is doing well–she is much younger, but excelling for her age.

They have been working with the bird launchers (using homing pigeons), and it is fun to watch. Bonnie Blue is making progress, she came to Cliff with the idea that birds were off limits. I saw her point a pigeon, and also to chase one. Cliff and Bonnie Blue are making progress.


          Teach your dog to avoid rattlesnakes!

Cliff will be helping at the Snake River Gun Dog Snake Aversion Clinic

The  clinic begins this morning and runs until 1 PM. It is too late to get a reservation, but feel free to drop by and see if they can accommodate you. Check out this link for more information.

Here are the links for this week’s posts….

Looking Ahead

It is a blessing to hear from so many of you. Thank you for the emails, the photos, and the news. Without you, there is no way we could continue to make so many great posts.
We have new collars ....

We have new collars ….


Precious Puppies and Puppy Breath…

Zula Blue and her puppies are doing well. She is doing great. It makes us so happy.
Thank you again for liking OwyheeStar, and for keeping us updated. We look forwarding to sharing news during the coming week.

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!