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Tucked In


     ~Goldee Style

31960692_10100424158255768_3182296936401076224_oGoldee has been news-worthy over the last few years. She made her modeling debut. She tried to teach her little brother (Maverick AKA Meatball) how to win friends and influence Grandma. There is the pool time, the garden time, and just hanging around the house time–sometimes this involves the hair styling. More often than not though, Goldee is tucked into bed.

She seems to love to be wrapped in the luxury of the blankets, sheets, or whatever. This bedtime we find her head buried beneath her pillow. It is as if she hiding from the disturbance to her beauty rest. OMG–we all need our rest and recuperation, right? Please come to bed Mama and quit talking.


First Oregon

     ~Now he’s a California Boy


Alder here just letting you know I am Award Winning Weimar!


Our perfect shy little puppy is anything but shy any longer! Alder will approach almost anyone or anything for some play time. After living in Oregon for the first few months, we moved to Southern California! Alder quickly adjusted. Let’s just say we can’t keep him out of the ocean, and if he is out, then he is rolling in the sand which is wonderful for our home and cars.

Being a household dog means he never ceases to entertain us. He has two chihuahua siblings and frankly, our 85 lb monster thinks he’s the same size as his little buddies. He makes this clear while trying to sit on our laps in the car, or by sleeping on their tiny beds. All in all, we wouldn’t trade our perfect pup for anything!

IMG_4647I just thought we should email you to let you how happy my family and I are to have found you guys. It was our good fortune because we got our beautiful and the most perfect dog from you–Alder. I included some pictures in case you guys wanted to see how much he’s grown! He loves to cuddle, play at the beach, and fetch pretty much anything. We could not be happier.

Breeder Comment

We are ever so happy to receive news of Alder. We are also especially delighted to hear your lap Weim experience. It sounds like Alder enjoying his essential role within the family. How excellent that he is a perfect fit for your family. Thanks for remembering us.


Draping Lights

On Charlie Mae

     ~The Annual Tradition


“Woof” “and now, every year it this with the lights.”

You can tell it’s Christmas time at the Spight house!!🎄🎄🎄. We got Charlie Mae 5 years ago just before Christmas and she wouldn’t leave the lights alone when I was trying to fix them and I wrapped her up. Been a traditional activity ever since!



And Her Porsche

You were right.  You breed wonderful dogs.  Your blog is always

enlightening.  Now that Porsche’s owner/handler is mostly straightened
out, she is fulfilling her potential.  She is embracing her work with
enthusiasm and sports her wardrobe with aplomb.
For short hikes, especially over uneven ground or hills, and stairs she
dons her harness.  Longer hikes and shopping call for her pack.
Everyday wear is a simple vest.  Pictures attached.
With wishes for your good health and less snow.

And There Are Two

~When Adding the Second Goes Extraordinarily Well

Meet Virgil

15723413_360085207691577_8613742871574615879_o(Dec 30, 2016)–This is Virgil our new pup. I’m crazy apparently. But hoping it will be a good thing for Skeeter in the long run.


(Dec 28, 2016) They made it home. Virgil is going to be a great addition. He seems very happy, is playing with Skeeter and dosn’t seem at all stressed. Skeeter seems to like him too, it will be nice for her to have a friend again. I will look into getting the titer in lieu of his 16 wks vaccine. If this boy brings us 1/2 the joy Skeeter has we will be pleased, and somehow I know he will. Thanks much and we’ll keep you posted on his progress

(Dec 29, 2016)–What a sweet boy! He is totally driven by pleasing me and not by food. That will be a first for me even . Skeeter likes her training snacks but it seems he could care less about that. He’s scoffing some when I crate him but it’s only day 1.

Breeder Comment

For those who are wondering–Virgil (formerly known as Bandit–is Bruno‘s brother.) Bruno has a new name and home as well. His call name is Zeus. I am sure before too long we will have an update on how he is doing with his multi-pet family.

Weim Crimes

Is A Thing

haffeys-goldee-prima-donnaThe Modeling Mogul Prima Donna (Goldee) has her moments. She loves the camera for the most part. Unless it were to interrupt a search for vermin that might gross out some who adore her. She has been known to nab a mouse or gopher. Recently, the turkey leg search was captured on video. Seriously, poultry is dangerous once it is cooked. They can eat the entire live bird with no ill effect. Cooked bones are another matter. Thank goodness this was more a search than a find.


We are honestly not sure what this says about the humans who love their Weimaraner. haffeys-goldee

It Was Only A Matter of Time


       ~ AKA Smokester, etc.

15123339_10207598657387828_7816734183850106147_oUpdate on The Smokester– he is potty trained!! (Well, at least almost.) He knows how to use the dog door to go out to our small dog run to potty! So proud of him!

And he is very brave in his kennel and only whines for a little bit when we put him in there for nap times.

Goldee is Learning

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 Firsts for Goldee

Goldee had a week of firsts this past week, her first visit to the vet. She was pretty unsure of the vet and really didn’t appreciate having her temperature taken.

We made our way to Bend, Oregon for a weekend away. The first stop after the car ride was a dog park. Goldee has become very fond of her frisbee (last week she enjoyed the game of fetch not so much this week). While Autzen played fetch Goldee ran around and met all the other dogs and even approached a few new people.

After getting her wiggles out we decided to play a new game, catch the frisbee in the air! She is getting pretty good and brave with her jumps. I’m hoping my mom will be able to get a few action shots, but for now I’ll leave with just a few pictures from our weekend away!

Siena lives the good life

Siena_0107When Siena was discovered to be a longhair, it was too late. We had docked her tail. Storm and Dusty had produced two previous litters–neither contained any longhair pups. There was no known history of longhairs in their lineages. It was then we learned that they were longhair carriers, who had gone undetected for generations. This DNA marker can be passed along by the smooth=coats unknowingly. Anyhow, that was many years ago. Since then we have gotten hooked on the longhair; we love them as much as the smooth coats. We are going to be talking about them a lot in the next few weeks.

We were afraid that Phil and Connie would not want a longhair, but they didn’t even hesitate. It seems they believe things happen for a reason. Over the years, we have stayed in touch. Last week when Siena was watching her favorite football team, Phil snapped this photo. 1501127_10151909348375892_1111095233_o

Note: Although Siena’s tail was docked, we do not dock the longhair’s tail. You will have to trust us when we tell you that it is not as you imagine.